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Florence Welch looks sensational in a ruffled green dress as she takes the stage in NYC

Florence Welch looked sensational as she took the stage at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday.

The Florence and The Machine frontwoman, 35, flaunted her unique sense of style in a ruffled green dress, which featured sheer panels and sequin trimmings.

The singer showcased her impressive voice as she entertained the 20,000-seat arena on the final stop of her Dance Fever tour.

The singer kept her signature fiery red locks cascading down her shoulder while opting for a natural makeup look.

She gripped the mic passionately while belting out a string of her hits before dropping to her knees during an emotional ballad.

The stage was adorned with dozens of chandeliers while spotlights followed her as she made the most of the large stage.

It comes after the star recently admitted it was her haunted by the idea of ​​having children and doesn’t feel ready to become a mother yet.

The performer, who hasn’t been publicly linked to anyone since The Maccabees’ Felix White in 2016, said that while she’s scared, she also dreads the idea of ​​missing out on the opportunity to have children.

Speaking candidly to Rolling Stone, she said: “To me now, what might be creeping through on this album feels like a slow, creeping overtake.

“It feels like a little ghost — I feel haunted by the idea of ​​kids instead of thinking, ‘I’m ready!

“But then it’s this fear that maybe you’re not ready now, but what if you get to the point where you’re sure and you’ve missed it?

“Time isn’t on your side, and that kind of anger is what makes the scream at the end of ‘King’ — I’m not saying I don’t want those things; I just want more time! But… the time isn’t like that. You cannot escape him.”

Florence, who has spoken out about her eating disorder in the past, also opened up about the destructive feelings she had when she felt she “didn’t deserve to eat.”

She said, “So much of it is refusal to eat — ‘I don’t deserve to eat, I don’t deserve to be comfortable.’

As she reflected on how it’s fitting into other areas of her life, she added, “Anorexic thinking is still a part of my life, even if anorexia itself isn’t. And so with emotional intimacy that’s kind of fed, sometimes you can say, ‘No, that’s too much, I don’t need that.’

The frontwoman previously spoke about overcoming her eating disorder and making the decision to quit drinking and embrace sobriety eight years ago.

Florence recently said she’s been reflecting on her old eating habits during the pandemic, admitting to British Vogue “it’s a slippery slope” once this starts.

In the interview, she said: “When you’re sober, it’s unfiltered reality all day, every day. You don’t get a brain break. I can really empathize with anyone who has relapsed in those two years because I think it was probably as close as I’ve ever thought.

“There were moments when I was like, ‘Should I start cutting back on my sugar? Or should I do a cleaning?’ And that’s just a slippery slope for me.

“Anorexia gives a sense of security because you just think I’ll control that.”

The star went on to speak about the strong support network she has around her to prevent a relapse.

She said: “Luckily I have people to talk to and that’s one of the most important things for anyone – to keep talking about it. And not to be ashamed when such thoughts arise.’

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