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Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie was a “guy girl” according to Carol Ann Harris.

Christine McVie was a songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist with Fleetwood Mac and created “Don’t Stop”, “Over My Head” and “Songbird”. According to Carol Ann Harris, Lindsey Buckingham’s ex-girlfriend, she was also a “guy girl” and “down to earth and tough”.

They are the band behind Go Your Own Way, The Chain, Never Going Back Again and Dreams. Eventually Lindsey Buckingham was asked to join the band and added Nicks as musician to complete the band rumours Lineup of John McVie, Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Buckingham and Nicks.

Despite having a romantic relationship before even joining Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham and Nicks dated other people. Nicks had an affair with bandmate Fleetwood while Buckingham became engaged to Carol Ann Harris.

in the Storms: My Life with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac, Carol Ann Harris describes her experiences with the rock group. That includes her perspective on band member Christine McVie, who served as songwriter, vocalist, and keyboardist.

“Christine was a man’s girl, a good sport—think Katherine Hepburn’s elegance and boyish charm, or Hilary Swank million dollar baby‘ Harris wrote. “She was earthy and tough, despite the pure voice and the poignant love songs she wrote. She was the mother of the band while Stevie was the band’s headstrong kid.”

Other Fleetwood Mac members shared their appreciation for McVie. Nicks even spoke about their friendship years later.

“It was crucial that I got along with her because I’d never played with another girl,” McVie said in a 2013 interview with The Guardian. “But I liked her straight away. She was fun and nice, but there was no competition either. We were totally different on stage and we wrote differently too.”

“We had to be close at the end because otherwise we were just hanging out with the guys all the time,” Nicks said during an interview with Uncut. “And because of this chaos between me and Lindsey, the band gave me a girlfriend in this woman and I got to hang out with Christine.”

McVie created songs specifically for the rock group, including rumours “Don’t stop.” McVie also wrote and sang “Over My Head.” rumours, Co-writing “The Chain” with the other four band members.

“Christine poured her emotions into poignant and upbeat songs about hope and love that conveyed the message, ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow because yesterday is over,'” Harris added in the same memoir.

Since its debut, this song has charted on Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits tracklist and has been played on Spotify over 230 million times. This original also became the official song of Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

TIED TOGETHER: Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham don’t fake their love for each other on stage, but ‘when you go back to your separate dressing rooms, it’s over’

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