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Fans Outraged At ‘Bachelorette’ Producers For Treating Tino Franco

Fans are outraged by the special “After the Final Rose” that aired live on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.

The very first joint season of “The Bachelorette” ended with Gabby Windey’s engagement to Erich Schwer and Rachel Recchia’s engagement to Tino Franco that ended in heartbreak after he admitted to cheating on her. But things weren’t exactly cut and dry.

The producers decided to let Recchia explain a bit about what happened between her and Franco over the past few months before broadcasting some footage shot during a “Happy Couple Visit” after filming was completed. For several minutes, fans watched an argument between Recchia and Franco as the two went in circles and eventually broke up for good – Recchia took off her ring and handed it to Franco.

However, it is what happened next that angered several fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Host Jesse Palmer Palmer invited Franco to the stage at ATFR, where he would sit down with Recchia and the two would start all over again – this time in front of a live audience. After the two settled things—and got nowhere—Palmer moved things around, shutting one door, and opening another.

In an unexpected twist, Palmer told Recchia that someone had come to the studio and wanted to see her. She looked puzzled, but genuinely curious, clearly clueless as to what was about to happen.

Palmer introduced Aven Jones, Recchia’s runner-up, and her face lit up. Franco sat uncomfortably on the couch. Jones asked Recchia to go out and catch up and she said, “I’d love nothing more.” The two walked off stage together, leaving Franco, who stood next to Palmer, looking confused.

Social media filled with comments about how Franco didn’t deserve to let things go the way they did.

“I don’t like Tino, but how that went was CRUEL. He f***** up, didn’t know how to deal with it, we all deal with difficult emotions in relationships and know how much time it can take. He apologized and she clearly had no intention of accepting any kind of apology. I kept mentally saying ‘stop talking Tino! You’re making it worse, Tino!’ That s*** was humiliating,” someone wrote on a Reddit thread about the finale.

“I think we can empathize with Rachel and recognize that Tino has wronged her and hurt her badly, and deserves to be called out to do that – and at the same time not take this vengeful attitude that is the right and proportionate response to him. humiliating national TV (not just referring to the Aven segment, but everything from the breakup to the departure of Aven and Rachel) It’s such a slimy way of handling the situation, it’s exploitation of both Rachel as Tino I blame TPTB, not Rachel,” another comment read.

“He didn’t deserve that at all—because he was just kissing someone, which he immediately regretted to Rachel, he deserved to be publicly humiliated on national TV, seriously? … He may be stupid, but no, he didn’t deserve what happened to him on national TV last night,” added a third Redditor.

“It was absolutely wrong that they did that to Tino. Frankly, they should have spent that time addressing Erich’s racism,” said another.

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