Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Fans laugh at Harry Styles’ acting in leaked ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ music video

Video goes viral of Harry Styles acting being mocked by audience members at his film’s premieres don’t worry darling.

The release of director Olivia Wilde’s mystery drama has been marred by rumors of a cast spinoff, peculiar interactions at the Venice International Film Festival and, now, poor reviews for Styles’ performance in a lead role.

Leaked footage from inside a movie theater shows some audience members laughing as Styles acts.

Reviewers generally give mixed to positive reviews for don’t worry darlingwith lead actress Florence Pugh, 26, widely praised for her performance, but her on-screen husband Styles, 28, younger.

“Styles gives a surprisingly lackluster and underpowered performance as Jack,” The Independent‘s Geoffrey Macnab wrote for the UK online newspaper, while The audiovisual clubTomris Laffly said Styles was “no match for Pugh”.

The singer and actor has been called “the weakest link”, not “up to the material” and “cute, but a dud”, in other reviews carried by major news outlets.

However, deadline wrote that Styles is “the real deal as an actor and has a lot of promise”, while Variety said he performed his role with “a wholesome cunning that characterizes him as a natural film actor”.

Twitter user @1dczechia shared a series of clips featuring Styles in the film. Pleasemynews decided not to post the excerpts here, due to spoilers, since don’t worry darling didn’t come out until Friday.

One of the shared clips has 1.8 million views and features Styles, as Jack, shouting at his wife, Alice (Pugh). Female voices can be heard laughing in the movie theater during the scene.

Thousands of people retweeted the video and wrote their own thoughts on the scene, the audience reaction and Styles’ acting.

“Some people just shouldn’t be actors,” @weedealz wrote, while @koralinadean commented, “Nobody in that filming room likes her cause I would have slowly turned off the cameras and told her that it didn’t work.”

@MadamClinton wrote of the 14 second clip: “The way you can tell he’s counting the seconds in his head how long the break should be.”

Others said Styles tried to emulate his stage partner, but the efforts failed. “He really tried the Florence Pugh,” @filmlamet wrote, “and it just didn’t work.”

Some Twitter users came to Styles’ defense, tweeting that viewers shouldn’t judge the scene out of context in the film.

“Idc what you think of a delivery of actors laughing at the theater is so disrespectful to other people who paid to watch the movie,” @gotouchgrass69 wrote.

“I love the performance in this clip. His accent fails, but otherwise it’s pretty decent,” @azulgris27 commented, proving that not everyone thought Styles’ performance was laugh-worthy.

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