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Fans Baffled by Maci Bookout’s Appearance in ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Sneak Peek

‘Teen Mom’ star Maci Bookout was criticized for her appearance after viewers saw a photo of her stressed out ahead of the ‘Teen Mom’ reunion. Fans accused the Tennessee resident of getting filters and changing her appearance.

“Holy Filters Batman!!” an original poster written via Reddit.

Bookout, 30, wore her hair half up, half down. She donned a pastel blouse, which faded from pink to blue, and paired her outfit with blue jeans.

It wasn’t just Bookout’s outfit that got fans talking, though. It was the apparent change in her face. While some people thought she was using a filter to change her appearance, others accused her of getting fillers.

“I really didn’t know who this was at first,” wrote one. “I thought it was McKenzie before I realized it was maci. She should stop here! Any more and she’ll look crazy, she’s already a little too close.”

“I know it says Maci, but that’s not Maci’s face! Reminds me a bit of Taylor (Corey),” commented a second.

“THAT’S MACI?!?! I wouldn’t have recognized her in a million years,” said a third.

It’s been four years since Bookout spoke to her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards. The former couple shares 13-year-old Bentley together.

Although things had been tense between them since the beginning of their relationship, things deteriorated over time. Although Edwards insists he is sober, Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, have their suspicions.

Bookout hinted that Edwarss and his family were fired from “Teen Mom” ​​in 2021 for not wanting to talk about someone she hadn’t spoken to in real life.

“So as we’ve been filming for the past few seasons, it got to a point where I feel uncomfortable talking about someone I’m not talking to,” Bookout told TooFab. ‘Well, that’s weird. And it will stay that way. We have no relationship.”

Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie Standfier, were asked to return to “Teen Mom,” but they declined the invitation.

Edwards took a call from producers to listen to them, but he wasn’t convinced it would be a good move to come back to show off for his family.

“Ryan listened to them for a moment and basically said, ‘I don’t want anything you’re selling. I don’t have time for that,” Standifer revealed live on Instagram. “Sorry.”

Bentley is about to turn 14, but he doesn’t mind MTV following him. The cameras have been there since he was born and he sees nothing wrong with them.

“Since he was born on TV and has been on TV all his life; even the crew,” she told Too Fab. “They’re just family now. So I think it will always be this normal for him.”

It doesn’t mean Bentley is always filming.

“It’s still annoying for him sometimes,” Bookout told Too Fab. “He knows he doesn’t have to film or even wear a microphone if he doesn’t want to.”

She added: “That’s always been the case and the production has always done a really good job of letting the kids – no matter how big, small, old, young – if they don’t want to film, don’t film and that’s it. , and it’s okay.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” when it airs on MTV on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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