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Fake AI-powered Joe Rogan and Steve Jobs interview has the internet freaking out

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died more than a decade ago, but a new AI-powered podcast has brought him back to life in a fake interview, prompting the internet to react to both with horror and admiration.

A recent episode of pairs Jobs with Joe Rogan, whose own podcast The Joe Rogan Experience was a resounding success.

“Hello freak bitches,” the fake Rogan said in the opening. “Welcome to another episode of The Bro Yoga experience.

The bot-podcaster then introduced his guest, saying he wished he “could be even a tenth of the genius my friend is today”.

“So glad to have him in the house today, for the first time or…yeah, we’ve had you before, but not for long,” AI Rogan said. “You’re like Patrick Swayze and I’m Demi Moore in Phantom. You are a memory of the past.”

Fake jobs laugh then.

From there, the two touched on topics like psychedelics, spirituality, and technology.

Jobs died in 2011 at age 56 after a battle with rare pancreatic cancer. The American Sun reported that in real life he was never featured on The Joe Rogan Experiencefirst aired in December 2009.

The podcast apparently made the landing by mimicking Jobs and Rogan. After the episode aired, many social media users marveled at how realistic each person was and how similar the transcript was to something they might say in real life.

“This completely broke my brain,” said Twitter user @frantzfries written tuesday.

“It’s perfect and could easily pass for real,” they continued. “AI is apparently coming for podcasts.”

Other social media users joked that they wouldn’t be happy to be paired with Rogan after they died.

“If someone puts me on a podcast with Joe Rogan posthumously, I’m haunting their ass”, @skstock tweeted.

Some pointed to the podcast’s potential ethical implications.

“ai generated the voice of a person, who didn’t give consent, in a podcast saying things that person never said – a pretty simple evil thing to do. is there a Why aren’t we all on the same page with this stuff yet?” Mike Solana, vice president of venture capital firm Founders Fund, wrote in a Tweeter. describes itself as being entirely powered by artificial intelligence, and listeners are able to nominate future hosts, guests, and topics.

Episodes are created through “’s ultra-realistic voices” and dialogue is rendered through “fine-tuned language models”. For the episode in question, Jobs’ biography was reviewed, along with some of his old recordings to help bring his voice to life.

Pleasemynews contacted Rogan, the widow of Jobs and, which powers the podcast’s AI voices, for comment.

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