Friday, September 30, 2022

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Fact check: Has a 209-year-old Tibetan monk been discovered?

A photo of an elderly person thought to be 209 years old has surfaced on Twitter, but it’s not the first time such claims have been made about the same person.


On September 18, 2022, Twitter user @BhattiSaaaaab posted a photo apparently showing an elderly man on a bed.

The user wrote that the person in the photo is a Tibetan monk who was discovered “in a state of deep meditation” and “is believed to be the oldest person in the world at 209 years old.”

Within two days, the tweet had gained over 5,500 likes and over 800 retweets.


The person who posted the photo admitted to making a false claim shortly after posting it, as users piled in to debunk it.

in a comment below the image they wrote that the alleged monk had been found with a diary containing ‘nuggets of wisdom’ and added: ‘One of the more recent entries was, ‘don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.'”

This is not the first time that fraudulent images of the same individual have appeared online.

In February this year, fact-checking website Snopes reported that various rumors had been circulating about the person in the photo.

A YouTube video described him as supposedly the oldest person in the world at 163, and another rumor said the person in question was 399, as claimed in a report in a Spanish newspaper. Mark in March of this year.

According to at least one version of the false rumors, man’s longevity was linked to a process of self-mummification. All of this is without proof.

The person’s first videos appear to be linked to the TikTok account Auy Saranya.

This account appears to be run by a girl who refers to the man as her grandfather, as other outlets have previously reported based on translated posts from Thai.

The TikTok account includes multiple videos of the man from around late 2021, which appear to show him receiving healthcare, eating food and interacting with people.

In the videos, he is referred to as Luang Ta, although another refers to the name Luang Pho Yai.

The videos have proven extremely popular, with one receiving over 130 million views.

In a video posted on May 5, the person behind the Auy Saranya account wrote that the man died on March 22, 2022, at the age of 109.

Pleasemynews has contacted the account owner for comment.


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