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Ezra Miller’s friend says the actor went through “a lot of trauma” in Hollywood

A former friend of Ezra Miller, the headline star the flashsaid in a new interview that the actor spoke of “a lot of trauma” they went through in Hollywood.

A new report from vanity lounge detailed the “complex mental health issues” that Miller – who is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them – said they were going through following several incidents involving the law over the past few years. Many sources in the article commented on the actor’s well-being and their personal experiences with them.

A source, who was only mentioned in the report as Kaelyn, reportedly met Miller in Hawaii earlier this year.

The actor, 29, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and harassment at a Hawaiian bar in March, and in April was re-arrested by the Hawaii Police Department for assault on the second degree after allegedly throwing a chair at a 26-year-old bar. old woman hitting her on the head.

The report says the actor befriended Kaelyn’s husband, who chose not to be named. Kaelyn, according to vanity lounge, was one of the man’s four partners, as they were in a polygamous relationship. The family lives in Hawaii and reportedly has a small stall at a farmer’s market.

Miller was also in Hawaii with activist Tokata Iron Eyes, now called Gibson, whose parents accused the actor of grooming. They also filed a restraining order against Miller. Miller and Gibson, now 18, reportedly stayed with the man, his wives and their four children in March.

Miller “said they went through a lot of trauma and weird bullshit on the Hollywood scene,” Kaelyn said vanity lounge. “And we were like, ‘Yeah, we’ll help you.'”

In 2018, Miller briefly opened up about the treatment they faced in Hollywood. They said Hollywood journalists that they were offered alcohol when they were minors in order to recruit them for films. They also said playboy the same year, “I survived abuse for sure, for sure, in many ways, from a very young age.”

Kaelyn said the actor returned to the couple’s house at some point with toys for the children. “He bought Nerf guns for our kids and explained guns,” Kaelyn said of the actor. The report further detailed that Miller had several weapons scattered around his large home in Vermont, which is an open state. Police reportedly found styrofoam Nerf bullets in the actor’s pocket when he was arrested in March.

Among their recent legal troubles, Miller was suspected by police of concealing the fate of a mother and her three children at his Vermont property in August. the vanity lounge The report says the woman, Ana, was one of the man’s other wives.

Despite the investigation and multiple other run-ins with the law, Miller said he wants to heal and move on, apologizing for his recent behavior.

“Having recently gone through a period of intense crisis, I now understand that I suffer from complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment,” Miller said in a statement to Variety in August “I want to apologize to anyone who has alarmed and upset me about my past behavior. I am committed to doing the work necessary to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

Pleasemynews contacted a Miller representative for comment.

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