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Exclusive: Joseph Abdin Talks Life After ‘Big Brother’ and Taylor Hale

Joseph Abdin was a fan favorite on ‘Big Brother’. Known for his affable personality and smart social game, the Florida-based attorney had no qualms about rooting fans for him.

Prior to his eviction, Abdin had positioned himself quite well in the house, crushing himself between the majority alliance, The Leftovers and The Five Swatters alliance. But Abdin’s game collapsed after he fell victim to the Split House twist. He was evicted by a 2-0 vote and sent to the jury on August 25.

Abdin may not have won the top prize of $750,000, but he got something even better, the girl!

Since the September 25 finale, Abdin has been spending time with season 24 winner Taylor Hale and adjusting to life outside the “Big Brother” house.

Heavy had the chance to talk to Joseph about what he’s been up to since the show ended.

In our interview, Abdin gave us an overview of what he’s been up to since last night.

“From now on, I’m just trying to respond to all the love and support I’ve been given,” he told us. “I want to let everyone know that their voice is heard [and] that their love and support is appreciated.”

Abdin added that he enjoyed spending time with the season 24 cast outside of the game.

“It’s so nice to get to know these people outside of the game,” he said. “I spent so much time with Taylor… The game really distorts the reality and perception of things and I just want to get to know these people as people.”

Abdin said he’s been more in touch with some house guests than others, and told us he talks most with Hale and Indy Santos and often with Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes.

He added that he checks many of the other house guests to make sure they are in good headroom, pointing out the importance of mental health.

If you’ve watched “Big Brother 24” you know that Taylor Hale’s road to victory was an uphill battle.

The personal stylist was often mistreated by some of her roommates, who made assumptions about her character and motives in the game without evidence.

Abdin was a constant source of support for Hale in the game. The two developed a flirtation in the house and fans came up with the name “Jaylor” to show their support for the budding romance.

Since leaving the house, the two have reconnected and spend a lot of time together.

In our interview, Abdin talked about how he supports Hale as she finds out what happened in the house.

“I’m doing my best to support Taylor,” he told us. “She means so much to me, so I really [want to] be there for her.”

Abdin shared details of how he’s helping Hale navigate the show’s aftermath.

“[I’ve been] just give advice where she asks for it and be there as someone she can trust [who] she knows what’s best for her,’ he said.

“If she needs someone who can interact with her, who shares an experience with her… She’s not alone,” he continued. “I was lucky that she chose me to be that person. She could have [chosen] someone else. It means so much to me that she trusted me to help her through this process.”

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