Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Euphoria bomb Sydney Sweeney to star in the Barbarella movie… following in Jane Fonda’s footsteps

Euphoria bombshell Sydney Sweeney has been cast in the new film adaptation of French comic book Barbarella.

Barbarella, a space sex pot, was iconic played by Jane Fonda in a 1968 cult classic directed by her first husband Roger Vadim.

Now, Deadline says Sydney will star in and executive produce a new film about the character.

Roger Vadim was a famous French filmmaker with an amazing lineup of women starting with Brigitte Bardot whom he directed on several occasions.

“He was incredibly sexy and could charm anyone,” Jane told PeopleTV in 2018. “I mean, before me it was Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Annette Stroyberg and so on. And I was young and I wanted him to teach me how to be a woman – so he taught me how to be a female impersonator.”

Jane, the third of his six wives, revealed in her documentary Jane Fonda In Five Acts that she was reluctant to take on the cheeky role of Barbarella.

Painfully insecure about her body to the point where she suffered from bulimia, she was unable to “identify” with the role of a sexually assertive space traveler.

To add to her concerns, she was aware that both Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren had been offered the role and turned them down.

However, Roger, a die-hard sci-fi fan, jumped at the opportunity to blend the genre with sensuality and starring his wife.

The rollicking comedy pits Barbarella against a mad scientist with an “Excessive Machine” that causes death by orgasm.

The opening credits are splattered over a montage of Jane doing what she calls a “space striptease” and then rolling around naked.

She was so nervous about the prospect of filming the sequence that she got drunk on vodka in preparation for filming.

However, a bat made its way in front of the camera, ruining the scene and requiring a reshoot – by which time Jane was both drunk and hungover.

Over the decades, she learned to love the film, laughingly saying, “You know, when it first came out I was just becoming an activist and a feminist and I thought it wasn’t politically correct — and now I appreciate it.” ‘Because it isn’t.’

Jane revealed during a BFI event a few years ago that she had once pitched a sequel starring Angelina Jolie as her daughter.

As the original Barbarella, Jane would be in a “grandmother” position, leading a “team of women” to rescue Angelina when she falls into the villain’s hands.

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