Friday, December 9, 2022

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Ethan Hawke wants to become immortal: “I want to live forever”

Ethan Hawke has had a great career to boast of, and while he still has many good years ahead of him, the actor has made it known that he wants to find a way to become immortal.

The 51-year-old actor – who rose to fame in 1989 for his role in Dead Poets Society opposite Robin Williams – has actually revealed to Radio Times magazine that he plans to become immortal.

When asked how he plans to leave this world, the comedian replied: “First of all, I have no intention of leaving this world. I intend to become immortal…that is my goal. I want to live for my favorite Willie Nelson quote “I don’t go to funerals and I certainly won’t go to mine.”

The ‘Moon Knight’ actor said if he had to get used to the idea he hoped the Toronto Film Festival would honor him for 10 years.

“When I die, the Toronto Film Festival should be dedicated to my career for ten years,” he suggested with humor.

Ethan got serious and insisted that the most important thing in life is building good relationships with the people closest to you.

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