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Employer’s ‘incredible’ request for ‘funeral note’ sparks debate

Reddit users have responded to an employer’s request asking their employee to bring a “funeral note” following the death of the employee’s grandfather.

The Reddit post was shared by u/snaresht on the popular “Antiwork” forum on Monday where it has since amassed nearly 10,000 interactions.

“When my grandfather passed away, my boss asked for a funeral note,” reads the title of u/snaresht’s post. “[What the f**k] is a funeral note?”

An article published by Indeed stated that bereavement leave is time provided to an employee whose loved one has died, although it is not required by state or federal regulations.

However, companies that offer a bereavement period often offer three to five days of paid time off.

The organization has recommended that companies clarify their bereavement policy, including whether a staff member must provide documents relating to the deceased.

“Some companies are choosing to waive any requirement to provide a death certificate, obituary, or notice from a funeral service provider,” says the article published by Indeed.

In his post, u/snaresht included an image of a piece of paper indicating that a specific day has been approved to take time off.

“Please provide a funeral note when you return,” read the message left in the comments section.

Redditor u/snaresht wrote to Pleasemynews that he was unaware of any company policy requiring him to bring a note. He said another family member died while working for the same company and he was not required to bring a note.

“After I got the paper from my boss, I went to other people and asked if this had ever happened and they all said no,” u/snaresht said.

He said his boss gave him the slip of paper without any explanation as to what constituted a funeral note.

“I never ended up bringing one and explained that I wasn’t able to get one,” u/snaresht said. “I ended up parting ways with the company.”

Other Reddit users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the request.

“A funeral note is your resignation letter,” one comment read. “These people don’t care about you. F**k them.”

“What I don’t understand is that if an employer doesn’t trust their own employees, why would they trust anyone else at another company?” asked a Redditor. “Better yet, if they think the employee is lying, why would they believe any letter they bring is genuine?”

“If you’re in a rush, just tell them to watch here,” another Reddit user commented. “F**king amazing that they’re asking for proof you’re using your bereavement leave correctly.”

Some have suggested that u/snaresht bring a funeral program to his boss.

“In my case, I had to provide the obituary plus proof that the person was related to the family,” shared a Reddit commenter.

Other posts on Reddit’s “Antiwork” forum have already gone viral.

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