Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Emma Watkins celebrates her 33rd birthday

Emma Watkins celebrated her 33rd birthday as Emma Memma.

The former Yellow Wiggle revealed her new alter ego in July after leaving the supergroup last October.

The child TV star opted for an orange dress and a headband that read ‘Birthday Boy’, showed off her cake on Instagram and thanked her fans for the birthday messages.

She also shared a video on YouTube of herself singing and playing with stuffed animals on Instagram.

In the clip, she opted for a full face of makeup while styling her red locks in curls while using Auslan to communicate in the video.

The star added a peachy shirt underneath the bright orange dress, which is sure to wow her many fans.

The red-headed star has been busy building her career since she left The Wiggles last year and she shows no signs of slowing down.

The energetic children’s entertainer announced to her Instagram fans last week that she will soon be appearing in Channel Nine’s hit reality series Lego Masters Australia.

The ex-Wiggle will join the two-part Brickmas Special, which will air later this year.

The celebrity entertainer posted a studio photo of her beaming on set alongside MasterChef’s Poh Ling Yeow, Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis and The Block’s Darren Palmer.

In the photo, Emma is seen grinning from ear to ear in a floral dress.

“So excited to join @legomastersau for her Brickmas special with some lovely new friends,” she wrote alongside the picture.

Many of her 104,000 followers were quick to congratulate Emma.

One fan wrote they were “so excited” for her, while another added “this is going to be amazing”.

It follows Emma as she takes her career in new directions since splitting from The Wiggles in October.

Since then, the former Yellow Wiggle has created a new character, Emma Memma, which she revealed in July.

Her alter ego still sports Emma’s signature curly hair, but she dyed it red to match her bright orange dress and pink shirt.

Emma Memma uses sign language to communicate, and Watkins hopes her character will inspire kids to learn Auslan.

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