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Emeli Sande is engaged! The singer reveals that friend Yoana Karemova popped the question

Emeli Sande has announced that she is engaged to her friend Yoana Karemova.

The 35-year-old singer announced the news on Wednesday, showing off her dazzling diamond and ruby ​​ring as she took to social media to reveal, “I said yes!”

The happy news comes six months after she revealed that she is part of the LGBT community and in a same-sex relationship with Yoana.

It will be Emeli’s second marriage as she was previously married to marine biologist Adam Gouraguine.

The couple went their separate ways in 2014 after dating for more than a decade and trading vows in 2012.

When she came out in March, Emeli was asked if she now considers herself bisexual, to which she said: “I’m not sure what I identify as, but I think so. I just feel like I should fall in love with whoever I should fall in love with.’

Emeli met Yoana while she was studying classical music and recently admitted she’s “happier than ever” in the relationship.

In April, the singer admitted she wished she would talk about her sexuality sooner, saying she finally felt like she could be herself after announcing their same-sex relationship.

The Next To Me hitmaker called her pianist friend their love “of life” and said the relationship came about “naturally” after deciding she would be honest when asked while working on her new album “Let’s Say for Instance” advertises.

Speaking to Attitude editor Cliff Joannou, Emeli said she never made a decision to come out, but said the topic came up in her interview with Metro with her friend sitting next to her.

But she admitted she’s felt pressure to define her sexuality since revealing their relationship, as she gushed that Yoana is her love “for life” and said she just enjoys being in love.

She explained: “Also on [Metro] Interview, as soon as I said ‘I’m in love with Yoana’, he said ‘So what does that do to you?’ and I hadn’t really thought about it, I was just enjoying being in love.

“I just feel like I can fall in love with anyone anytime and now I’m in love with Yoana and that’s it for life!”

The singer admitted she regrets not speaking publicly about her sexuality sooner, but said she didn’t think she would have been able to do so sooner.

“I wish I might have done this sooner because it feels really good,” she said.

“People could see I’ve been through a lot – depression and this and that and I think I’ve wasted too much time with this low energy so I wish I was with me a lot sooner but it’s all a process . I don’t think I could have done that back then.”

Emeli said that while being “open and proud” is new to her, she never defined who she fell in love with and had developed feelings for both men and women since childhood.

She continued, “It’s all new, like being out there and being proud, that’s new being, but I’ve always felt that — I never have rules about who I fall in love with and I always have so much support felt the community.

“So it doesn’t feel like my life has changed that much, it’s just who knows about it and is open minded, that’s the main part.”

Emeli fell in love with Yoana after splitting from childhood sweetheart Adam, but said she hasn’t spoken to him about their new relationship.

When asked if they were still in touch, Emeli replied: “No, not at all, but we’ve been together since we were 17, we’ve been great friends more than anything, he’s a great guy, and every now and then we will.” he keeps me up to date on what he’s up to and he just does amazing things and i’m really happy for him and i hope he’s happy for me too.

Emeli told the Guardian’s G2 about her romance with Yoana: “I think people made more of a story out of it because I fell in love with a woman. But for me, to be in love on that level, that’s the story. I’ve definitely never felt this depth of love.

She added that she feels “divided” knowing that many people may not be in a position to be as open about their sexuality as she is.

Emeli said of her feelings: “I definitely hope I can help someone else feel the power to do the same. But I probably need to find out a bit more.’

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