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Embarrassing moment when a royal expert brings up Fergie’s ‘toe sucking’ incident during the Queen’s funeral

Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon were nervous when a royal expert made an inappropriate comment during their coverage of the Queen’s funeral for Channel Nine.

British journalist Dickie Arbiter commented on the somber occasion and when Sarah, Duchess of York, nicknamed Fergie, arrived at Westminster Abbey for the state funeral, a few words came to mind.

As live footage played of a grieving Fergie entering the venue, Arbiter referenced the late Prince Phillip, explaining that the King Fergie “never saw the scandalous photos taken in the summer of 1992 of her toes being sucked.” forgiven” her financial adviser John Bryan.

“It’s interesting, he never forgave her, he never forgave her for the pictures that appeared in the newspaper when she was in the south of France with her so-called financial adviser getting her toes sucked,” Arbiter said.

The comment elicited nervous giggles from Stefanovic and Langdon, who struggled to come up with an answer.

“I didn’t mean to say that, I didn’t think you would go there,” Langdon said.

‘At least he said so. We can’t be blamed for saying it,” Stefanovic added, before quickly changing the subject to the Queen’s kindness.

The photos, taken by paparazzi at a private villa in southern France, created an unprecedented scandal for the royal family.

Laying topless on a sun lounger, Fergie was photographed toe-sucking her Texas financial adviser, John Bryan.

The pictures were taken when she was still married to Prince Andrew but separated from him.

The release of the images spelled the end of her marriage to the Duke of York and signaled the start of a frenzy on the royals by French photographers, culminating in Princess Diana’s death in Paris.

A year after the infamous Fergie photos, French magazine Paris Match and a photographer were ordered to pay her and Bryan the sum of £84,000 (AUD143,115) for taking pictures by the pool without her permission.

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