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Embarrassing mistake in "Late night show"

As Melissa Khalaj fails for several episodes, Sat.1 arranged a replacement. But the broadcaster presented it Thursday evening with the wrong name.

had Thursday night

Sat.1 struggling with several failures. So Jochen Schropp had to lead the show himself in the latest edition of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. Marlene Lufen has stayed away from the show. “I’m sick,” she said in an Instagram video.

Following the “Late Night Show” two of the familiar faces were also missing: Jochen Bendel and Melissa Khalaj. The latter had already announced his bankruptcy the day before. Since the presenter will be in front of the camera for “The Voice Kids” in Berlin in the next few days, she cannot be in Cologne for “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Jochen Bendel was also absent on Thursday evening. However, the reason for his absence wasn’t a cold or another TV project, but his dog Gizmo. “He took something a few days ago,” explained the moderator on Instagram. “And today he’s still not very well. That’s why I decided to stay with him today.”

However, Sat.1 had provided a replacement. Instead of Melissa Khalaj and Jochen Bendel, Romina Langenhan and Aaron Troschke now moderated “Celebrity Big Brother – The Late Night Show”. “Welcome to the party cellar, today with a slightly different cast,” the 37-year-old said at the start of the latest issue.

A little later, the bottom third of the two moderators was shown for the first time: “Romina Langhan & Aaron Troschke – freshly baked team”. The station displayed the names of the two several times.

At first, however, Sat.1 did not notice that the new presenter’s name was misspelled. Because Romina’s name is not Langhan, but Langenhan. Only when the bottom third was broadcast again at around 00:39, some 50 minutes after the start of the show, did the broadcaster insert an “it”.

The pitfalls of live shows: This was not the only glitch that has occurred so far in the “Late Night Show”. The day before, Melissa Khalaj was in the picture, but what was heard was a conversation between Jochen Bendel and Jeremy Fragrance that was not intended for viewers. Read more about this here.

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