Friday, September 30, 2022

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Elizabeth II: An English channel broadcasts a children’s film instead of her funeral

Britain’s Channel 5 was praised by some after it aired the film ‘The Secret World of Emojis’ instead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Channel 5 was in fact the only major UK broadcaster not to broadcast a single moment of the royal funeral on Monday September 19, an event that drew no fewer than 4 billion viewers around the world.

BBC One, BBC Two, ITV and Sky all showed the monarch’s funeral, while Channel 4 showed a documentary on the Queen.

Internet users reacted quite divided to this decision.

Some said on Twitter: “Channel 5 deserves a lot of respect. Having kids’ movies on all day so we could get away from this somber atmosphere was a good move.”

Another person tweeted: “I really don’t understand the criticism of Channel 5. What else are children supposed to do? Watching people in costume sad for 6 hours?”

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