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DWTS Pro underwent ’emergency surgery’ after premiere performance

A “Dancing With the Stars” pro didn’t last long after the premiere on Monday, September 19, 2022.

Sasha Farber, who dances with actress Selma Blair in season 31 of the show, ran out of the ballroom and headed straight to the dentist where he underwent what he describes as “emergency surgery.”

“From the floor to the dentist,” Farber captioned a photo of himself with his dentist on his Instagram Stories. He had a gas mask over his nose, probably ready for his procedure. In the hours before the show, he said he was at the dentist, but didn’t say what was wrong or if he needed surgery.

Here’s what you need to know:

Farber had a great first night at DWTS with his friend, Blair, who, despite her diagnosis of muscular dystrophy, is giving the ballroom a shot. Blair has explained how challenging MS can be, but she is determined to dance through it and is ready to take on this challenge.

At Farber and Blair’s dance, nearly everyone was in tears, including Carrie Ann Inaba, who had nothing but glowing things to say about Blair’s performance. However, when Farber and Blair heard they were safe and the show was officially over, he flew to his dentist appointment.

Farber didn’t share what he’d done, but it could have been anything from tooth extractions to a root canal. While both things can be painful, they shouldn’t keep him sidelined for long.

After a visit to the dentist, Farber shared a photo of himself at home with his dogs on his Instagram Stories. He was about to go to sleep, but provided an update for his fans.

“Had to rush into emergency surgery but all well and in bed ready for tomorrow, still high on tonight, it was really inspiring. CAN’T wait for tomorrow,” he wrote, suggesting he’d be back in the studio with Blair preparing on week two.

It’s been a rough few weeks for Farber. In late August 2022, People magazine confirmed that he and his wife Emma Slater had broken up. Their divorce has been the subject of speculation for months, although the two appear to still be friends despite their decision to end their marriage.

A few weeks later, Farber revealed that his grandfather had passed away.

“My grandfather had dementia and in the end didn’t know who someone was, he didn’t even recognize my mother. She told me today that he was asleep, and he squeezed her hand and a tear came down his face, and he took his last breath [sic]. At the end he felt and knew it was goodbye, and now he is happy that his wife is watching over us,” Farber wrote on his Instagram Stories on September 10, 2022.

Nevertheless, Farber is committed to DWTS and seems to be in the right space for the show, judging by his choreography for Blair’s first dance.

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