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DWTS Pro marries in intimate ceremony

A professional dancer from “Dancing With the Stars” has big news to tell – Brittany Cherry, a former group member, is married to her longtime partner Bryan Agnew.

Here’s what you need to know about the big day:

According to People, the couple tied the knot on Sunday, September 18 at a small ceremony of about 80 guests in La Jolla, California. Cherry told People that as a dancer she wanted something “elegant and classy” for her dress.

“I’m a ballroom dancer and because I’ve worn all these beautiful dresses and dresses my whole life, I really wanted something timeless and elegant and classy and not too embellished,” said the “So You Think You Can Dance” alum. “I found a really nice dress and I thought, ‘Oh, this is beautiful, but I’m just still not sure.'”

She continued: “So I’m going to live my life – until when I’m actually shopping for clothes and I go to four different stores and I see the same dress at a couple of stores and I think, ‘Oh, it’s so beautiful.’ I’m going back to Kinsey James [in West Hollywood] and try all the dresses you can think of. I was still like, ‘Ah, that dress is so perfect’, so I ended up going for the dress I found a year earlier.

Cherry added that they wanted something “timeless” and “simple”, so their wedding colors were black and white.

“Our colors are pretty simple,” said the “Come Dance With Me” star. “Being creative and having been in production and having a creative vision, [I] was very special. I really wanted it to be timeless and elegant and I wanted to be able to look back at my photos and not see what time it was. Everything is very stylish and my colors are black and white.”

Unfortunately, Jenna Johnson was the only “Dancing With the Stars” pro who could attend as she is serving season 31 due to her pregnancy. Cherry told People that the other pros should all be at the camera-blocking rehearsal for the season 31 premiere episode.

However, a few pros were able to celebrate Cherry over the weekend of August 20-21 when she had her bachelorette party. According to her Instagram post, Britt Stewart and Emma Slater were both there celebrating the bride-to-be and the upcoming wedding.

“So glad I could be with you,” Stewart wrote in the comments. Slater added: “My babe!!! This was so much fun!”

The couple revealed to People that they actually met because of “Dancing With the Stars.” Former “American Idol” contestant Stefano Langone, who finished seventh in the singing competition season 10, was a member of the band “Dancing With the Stars” for a while and that’s how he met Cherry. He then introduced her to his roommate, Bryan Agnew, and the rest is history. The two got engaged in 2020.

“I’m so excited to be married to him and he’s really just my best friend and the most incredible person in my life,” Cherry told People. “I’m so excited for the life we’re going to build together.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific Time on Disney Plus.

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