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DWTS Cast Member Opens Up in ‘Brave’ Post About Health Diagnosis

“Dancing With the Stars” season 22 cast member and “Good Morning America” ​​lead meteorologist Ginger Zee has been called “brave” for speaking candidly on World Mental Health Day in a social media post.

Here’s what Zee opened up about and what her friends and fans are saying:

In an emotional post about her journey, which began with her admission to the psychiatry department at New York-Prsbyterian Columbia University Irving Medical Center, the meteorologist candidly talks about what she’s been through and how we as a society need to be more open about mental health issues. .

Sea writes:

In case you’re not familiar with it, borderline personality disorder is defined by the Mayo Clinic as “a mental disorder that affects the way you think and feel about yourself and others, and causes problems with functioning in everyday life.” to live. It includes self-esteem problems, difficulty controlling emotions and behavior, and a pattern of unstable relationships.

The meteorologist goes on to say that she has to “work” on herself “every day” and she likens keeping yourself mentally in shape to keeping yourself physically in shape – it takes consistent work.

“Depression, eating disorder, PTSD – they are all part of the story I work on and accept about myself every day. Being honest with myself and being open to exposing my imperfection was step one. Getting the RIGHT type of therapy was huge Like physical form, mental form requires persistence and maintenance,” Zee writes. “You can’t just start diagnosing it, do some deep work and then stop. It’s a lifestyle change.”

“Mental health first, everything else comes easily after,” Zee added.

The “Dancing With the Stars” finalist went on to say she’s not saying that people should “tell each other our full diagnosis at the grocery store,” but she does think we should stop being afraid of talking about these things.

“I hope this message can help you accept yours. It’s the only way to heal,” Zee said. “And you DESERVE it to heal. I also hope this message makes us all more accepting and stronger to help others in our lives. If someone has the ability to tell you they have a mental health problem, help them.”

Zee likens it to when someone has a broken leg, you call an ambulance or take them to the hospital. It’s the same for mental health.

“Help do the job – help make the calls, find out what insurance issues. I can promise you, they can’t do that right now,” writes Zee. “Getting a professional involved is key… I just hope that you can start a conversation today.”

In the caption to the post, Zee also said that “we still have a long way to go when it comes to the stigma” of mental health.

“I’m so proud to talk about mine because I’m healed and will continue to heal,” Zee said. “And accepting my story was the first step. There is no final step. But these steps don’t have to be taken alone. If you’re lucky enough to be diagnosed, act like you had cancer – fight with everything you’ve got – enlist a team to help you. Kick his ass. You deserve it.”

Zee also posted a “Good Morning America” ​​segment for World Mental Health Day, where she looked at a photo of her younger self and shared how much pain she was in at the time.

Here’s a person who tries so hard to hide what she really feels. It was one of my darkest points in my entire mental health journey and my smile is so forced and it’s so big and it hurts me inside to see it, but it also makes me proud to know I can see that in others now can recognize at times,” said Zee, adding that she began to struggle with her mental health at a very young age.

In the comment section, Zee’s fans, celebrity friends, and many “Dancing With the Stars” alumni praise her candor about what she’s been through and is still going through. Zee finished in third place on “Dancing With the Stars” season 22 with partner Val Chmerkovskiy.

“Dancing With the Stars” season 28 winner Hannah Brown left a heart emoji, season 18 contestant Danica McKellar clapping, new host and season 19 champion Alfonso Ribeiro’s wife Angela Ribeiro left heart emojis, and season 13 finalist Ricki Lake wrote : “So thankful for you.”

Famous chef Cat Cora wrote, “So beautiful and brave – I love you.”

NBC New York anchor Natalie Pasquarella wrote, “You are such an inspiration to so many, Ginger!”

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