Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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Dressed up for Dunkin! Ben Affleck wears a suit to have coffee at his favorite spot

Ben Affleck needed a pick-me-up as he started another busy Friday in Los Angeles.

On his way to a business meeting, the actor made a pit stop at his popular coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts in a swanky outfit santa monica

That The two-time Oscar winner arrived dressed for success in a blue suit teamed with a light blue shirt and brown suede shoes.

The newlywed man looks smart in his suit, still sporting a cropped hairdo and a well-groomed beard and mustache.

Distracted and in a hurry, Affleck, cellphone in hand, made his way to the popular donut shop.

It wasn’t long before he left the place with a couple of iced coffees and a boxed breakfast snack.

The Good Will Hunting star donned mirrored sunglasses as he made his way back to his parked car.

At one point, he seemed to have a bit of trouble holding on to his phone without accidentally spilling his coffee.

In the end, 50-year-old Affleck would show off his multitasking skills and make it back to his car without a hitch.

Except for his wedding to Jennifer Lopez in August, Affleck has spent most of his summer working on the as yet untitled film about how Nike, a fledgling athletic shoe company in the early 1980s, turned a Michael Jordan into a Advertising could bring action.

The father-of-three fulfills three roles: he serves as the film’s director and producer, while also playing the role of Nike co-founder Phil Knight.

Longtime friend Matt Damon portrays Sonny Vaccaro, the real-life man who, despite all the naysayers, brokered the deal with Jordan, even though more established shoe companies Converse and Adidas were involved.

In retrospect, the Jordan deal was the catalyst for launching the global, multi-billion dollar modern sneaker industry.

Filming began in early June, so it’s still unclear when Amazon Studios will release the project.

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