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“Don’t Worry Darling” Twist and Ending Explained

The wait for one of the most anticipated films of the year is finally over. don’t worry darling is out in theaters now.

Starring Florence Pugh as her husband Jack’s loveable wife Alice, played by Harry Styles, don’t worry darling follows the couple as their seemingly perfect life in a 1950s suburban town begins to unravel.

Jack works for the loosely titled “Victory Project”, led by dashing and charismatic frontman Frank, played by Chris Pine. The men and their wives seem to have it all and are living the conservative American dream of the 1950s: men as breadwinners and women as bakers.

However, the longer Alice continues to stay in Victory, the more she becomes haunted by dark and suspicious visions about the town named Victory the Victory Project and what it all means to her and Jack.

don’t worry darling has audiences in suspense throughout, with them asking the same question as Alice herself, “what is Project Victory?”

Pleasemynews has the full recap of the great don’t worry darling twist and what happened in the end.

When Alice is taken away by the red-suited men at Jack’s (shocking) request, she receives shock therapy with a whole cocktail of drugs, administered by the powerful Dr. Collins (played by Timothy Simons).

As part of a series of flashbacks, the audience discovers what Alice and Jack’s life was like before heading to Victory. The first twist of everything is that Victory isn’t set in the present day, it’s actually an alternate reality where the men are powerful, the women are docile, and everything and everyone is controlled by Frank.

In the real world, Alice worked as a nurse and Jack was unemployed, reversing the stereotypical roles at play in Victory.

In a flashback, the audience sees Jack asking his girlfriend Alice one morning in bed how he’s going to “take care of her”, to which she tells him not to worry, he’ll get a new job. and she will take more shifts in the meantime

However, what looked like domestic bliss had turned sour as Alice was overworked in the hospital and Jack remained unemployed, looking more disheveled over time.

While Alice worked tirelessly at the hospital, Jack was left home alone, where he fell deep into a dark corner of the internet and stumbled upon Project Victory.

don’t worry darling then returns to Alice and Jack in Victory. Alice is discharged from the hospital feeling better than ever, however, her world crumbles around her when she realizes how she ended up in Victory in the first place.

As she cooks dinner for Jack to start humming a tune, the one the audience heard throughout the movie, the same tune Alice couldn’t get out of her head.

It turns out that the shock treatment, the hospital stay and the copious amounts of medication didn’t work on Alice and she realizes that the song Jack was humming was from his previous lie in the real world and that Jack was the one who had brought him victory, against his will.

In a chilling twist, audiences see flashes of Alice tied to her bed unconscious, hooked up to a whole host of machines, and her eyes open. A montage then plays out of Jack signing up for Project Victory, creating his own profile, and designating Alice as his wife (without her consent). He then climbs into bed next to an unconscious Alice and plugs into the same machine and opens his eyes.

He holds Alice’s hand and the timeline jumps back to present-day Victory, where Jack admits to Alice what he’s done, leading to an epic screaming match between the couple, who are fighting for their love and about their differing views on freedom.

It’s no secret that Alice and Jack are head over heels in love, but love drives people crazy.

Jack, unable to provide for his girlfriend in the real world, brought them both into the warped reality of Victory, where their lives could be perfect and however he wanted. He would be the one to succeed, providing for the love of his life and keeping her safe, she would stay home, take care of him and have fun with his friends.

Alice, (understandably) panicked completely and asked for a moment to process her thoughts. She desperately tries to free herself from Jack’s grip as he grips her waist tightly and collapses before her eyes.

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