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“Do you understand fun?” Audience on Maischberger: “As if she were the First Lady”

The team of “Do you understand the fun?” lured Sandra Maischberger into the show without knowing it. The joke involved a taxi ride, which she is being discussed.

Sandra Maischberger was the surprise guest of the latest issue of “Do you understand the fun?”. Little tricks were played on her during the day until her arrival. A taxi ride, in particular, has sparked discussions on the internet.

So a taxi driver came to pick her up in the morning for an on-stage interview: Maischberger thought she was there for a benefit “surprise show” on RTL. The driver arrived there, deliberately, of course, making a detour. She convinced him, repeatedly pointing out that there were much shorter routes to her destination, but he wanted to remain a “pro in his field than him”.

So the moderator let him do it and then he wanted to read it in peace. The taxi driver did not comply with this request, he continued to talk to her and to call his wife. He had to bring something with him, so he wanted to stop on his way to run the errand. A no for Maischberger. She said so, but she remained polite throughout the trip, despite her obvious annoyance with her.

Finally the arrival for the interview at the hotel. Maischberger paid for the taxi, even though he expected production to do it. The trip cost 34.90 euros, the moderator rounded up to 35 euros. One reason some viewers complain on Twitter.

“Sandra Maischberger, who also owes her prosperity to taxi drivers who pay on the radio, tips 10 cents for a 34.90 euro trip and treats service providers from above as if she were the first lady,” he said. written a user. Many others pointed out that they found the 56-year-old very unpleasant. Someone commented on Instagram: “The taxi driver was the real popular figure! Mrs. Maischberger, unfortunately, the opposite …”

Another person could not agree: “Please, what? Was the taxi driver probably the worst ?! I find it very strange that everyone complains. With ‘service’ a penny of tip would not be appropriate.”

Another reviewer also saw that Maischberger just took a taxi ride “where normally no one would tip”. She continued: “I find it incredibly pleasant how Mrs. Maischberger kept her composure when she said ‘Do you understand the fun?’ she has been teased, and that she is also so eloquent in her private life of not hurting anyone you would like to suffocate. ”

This similar opinion can also be found: Maischberger had “remained super calm, objective and friendly”. And one user who apparently worked as a taxi driver explained: “Ms. Maischberger was one of my loveliest clients at the time. She was always friendly and balanced.”

Live in the studio, Maischberger recovered the money for the taxi and turned to the driver who was sitting in the audience, he said: “Thank you it wasn’t real. If you had been real, I would have really lost faith in Taxi Drivers. of Berlin “.

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