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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Iron Ore Location, How to Craft Iron Ingots

Disney Valley of Dreams has plenty of creatures and items to collect as you upgrade your village and meet some of Disney’s most iconic characters.

Released earlier this month, following the first showcase of Disney and Marvel games, the life simulation title lets players hang out with iconic characters like Elsa, Mickey Mouse and Goofy. You can also collect resources and craft special items, like iron ore and iron ingots.

When you’re not busy feeding foxes their favorite food or spending time with your favorite Disney character, you’ll need to collect these important resources. Some of these resources, like cooking ingredients, can be farmed using the game’s farming system. Others, however, will require you to collect them around the island or craft them by combining multiple items together.

One of these resources is iron ore. Iron ore, like many other resources in the game, can only be collected from specific biomes. You will have to mine iron ore by equipping your pickaxe and going through the village to the various nodes that appear everywhere.

When mining iron ore, you will also want to invite a villager. Each villager you reach a high enough friendship level with can be assigned a different task to help them. Bring along the person you are high leveled with who is assigned to mining, and you will increase your chances of acquiring even more iron on your gathering runs.

Once you’re ready, head to one of the following regions to get started:

If you haven’t unlocked some of these areas, you may need to farm Dreamlight, which you can then use to unlock the various areas around the valley. These regions also allow you to unlock new characters in Disney Valley of Dreamstherefore it is recommended to start unlocking them early.

Mining nodes are usually found along the sides of areas. These nodes often appear as dark, black-colored outcrops, and they respawn quite quickly – you can actually enter your house and then exit to respawn a lot of them faster.

The best way to farm for iron ore is to go around the mining nodes in the regions listed above and keep collecting all the items they drop. After a while, you should accumulate a nice collection of iron ore which you can then craft into iron ingots.

Now that you’ve equipped yourself with iron ore, it’s time to start crafting iron ingots. To craft this item, you must combine five iron ores with one coal ore.

Coal Ore can be collected from mining nodes all over the game world, so chances are you’ll already have a good chunk of it saved up from previous expeditions. Otherwise, simply repeat the process described above to refuel.

You will need to visit a Crafting Bench or Workstation to craft Iron Ingots. Iron Ingots are used in many recipes and are often required to complete friendship quests for certain characters.

Disney Valley of Dreams is currently in Early Access on PC. It can also be played on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles.

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