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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Tomato Seeds

Disney Valley of Dreams is full of activities that players can participate in. Available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, Gameloft’s latest title brings iconic Disney characters to a animal crossing-like a world full of quests, collectibles and cute creatures that you can nurture and befriend.

One of the greatest activities you can enjoy in Dream Light Valley is gardening. There are several types of seeds and crops you can grow, many of which will be used in recipes you can gift to villagers like Mickey, Goofy, and even Elsa from Frozen. If you want to have a successful garden, however, you’ll need to equip yourself with all the seeds and crops you can, including tomato seeds.

Unlike wheat and lettuce, tomato seeds are not immediately available to players in Disney Valley of Dreams. Instead, you’ll need to unlock the Dazzle Beach location to access these gardening resources.

Once Dazzle Beach is unlocked, you’ll want to save up some stars—Dream Light ValleyGoofy’s silver version, then head to the beach and fix Goofy’s booth. These stalls act as a market in Disney Valley of Dreams. Players can buy items from them and sell valuable goods to help build your portfolio.

To unlock Tomato Seeds, you’ll need to repair Goofy’s stall in Dazzle Beach and upgrade it at least once. This will cost you 3,000 stars in total. Once repaired and upgraded, however, you will be able to purchase Tomato Seeds.

Tomatoes are useful in many recipes, such as gazpacho, tomato soup, and even the five-star Bouillabaisse recipe, which is made by mixing shrimp, tomatoes, any vegetable, and two other seafood together. Unlike white sturgeon, which you can feed to foxes to befriend them, tomatoes will need to be farmed; they cannot be found in the world like iron ore and other mineable resources.

Because tomatoes need to grow, players are strongly recommended to unlock Dazzle Beach and upgrade Goofy’s Stand there as soon as possible.

Players should also keep in mind that vegetables grow much faster in regions where you buy their seeds. So you should plant all of your tomatoes in a garden located in Dazzle Beach for the fastest harvest times.

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