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Diddy on Kim Porter’s death – ‘I hope I can find someone who can love me like that again’

Sean “Diddy” Combs is a known bachelor, but he says the true love of his life will always be Kim Porter. The couple had known each other for over 20 years and had four children together. Porter’s sudden death left the Sean John founder perplexed, and he says he hasn’t had another love like Porter since.

Diddy and Porter met while she was working as a receptionist at Uptown Records. At the time, Porter was in a relationship with R&B singer Al B Sure, but Diddy was instantly attached to the former model. They started dating in 1993 and welcomed their son Christian – aka King Combs – in 1998. Diddy also took on the role of surrogate father to Potter’s son Quincy with Al B Sure.

Their relationship ended when Porter first discovered in 1999 that Diddy was dating J.Lo. They reconciled in 2003 and welcomed twin daughters Jessie and D’Lila in 2006. That same year, they did an interview with Essence in which they declared their love for each other. Diddy said of Porter: “She is my muse. You know how they say it in the movies? It’s cheesy but beautiful. She completes me.”

But months later, Porter ended their relationship after finding out Diddy had fathered another child. Despite the heartbreak and humiliation, Porter and Diddy remained best friends, bonding their families with annual vacations, spending vacations together and appearing side-by-side on red carpets.

Porter died unexpectedly of pneumonia in 2018. Diddy immediately became a full-time father to the four children he shares with Porter. At the time of Porter’s death, her twin daughters were just 11 years old. He admits his grief has been a roller coaster, previously revealing that Porter is the one who escaped. While time heals some wounds, the loss of Porter has broken his heart.

“All the heartache anyone’s ever been through, that’s what really makes you appreciate the times that you actually felt that and actually received that love. When you lose that unconditional love, you pay respect to the name of love,” he said of her in an interview with Teyana Taylor Luv2SeeIt web series.

Still, he can’t bring himself to look at old messages from Porter. “Just the other day I just had the courage to watch it [Porter’s] old lyrics,” Diddy added. “I really shouldn’t have done that.”

He continued, “The phone messages really make it… It was sad but it made me appreciate life so much and the time I got to spend with her… I was like, ‘Yo, I hope I can find someone who can love me like that again.’ I’m not giving up on love, but it’s hard. It’s another level of heartbreak… Whenever I see the sun, I see God and I see Kim.”

Although Diddy has not been in a truly committed relationship since Porter’s death, he has been dating. He has been linked to City Girls rapper Miami since 2020 and says Miami is his “best friend.” However, Diddy refuses to commit to monogamy, noting that he has failed miserably in the past because he wasn’t honest that he didn’t want a monogamous relationship.

Bad Boy Records founder says he’s still grieving but dating is important. Although he rules out marriage, he does not believe that he will remain single forever.

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