Monday, December 5, 2022

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Désirée Nick topless in a ball gown – celebrities celebrate her

She is more revealing. Now Désirée Nick shares a series of photos on Instagram – of herself, topless, in royal surroundings. Fans are thrilled.

Désirée Nick delights her followers with new shots. As some people note in the comments, they were created a while ago, but they can score. Even prominent women are impressed.

66-year-old Nick has released three recordings. On all of him she covers her bare breasts with black asterisks. Two photos of her show her sitting at a dinner table in a salmon-colored dress that she pulled up under her bosom. The center photo of her shows her in cropped white underwear on a leather sofa.

Nick uses the post to advertise his show at the Pfefferberg Theater in Berlin. The comments are more about the images of the cabaret artist. So writes the actress

Jenny Elvers: “Ring of bells … very nice photo! I celebrate it.” Former “Mini Playback Show” host Marijke Amado comments: “It’s great that the asterisks are still fluttering overhead.” Reality TV star Arielle Rippegather also has something to say: “Unpacking is always good!” And pop singer Nina Kristin just thinks, “Wow!”

A user comments that the images must be older. Then another writes: “It doesn’t matter, you recognize it and in any case it has hardly changed over the years!” That’s how many see it and compliment “La Nick”. “Respect, you’re gorgeous,” says one woman. Another says: “Great shots! Sexy and with an elegant and erotic charisma.” When the photos were taken, Désirée Nick does not want to reveal when she is asked by a user.

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