Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Daryl Hannah Back’s Halle Bailey Amid Fury: ‘The Little Mermaid Is Black’

Daryl Hannah has come to the defense of Halle Bailey, amid online criticism that she will be chosen to lead Disney’s next live-action version of The little Mermaid.

In the days following the release of a trailer for the film, a wave of trolls took to YouTube to downvote the video, while others took to other platforms to criticize Bailey’s casting. as Ariel because she is black.

When Bailey, 22, was cast in the role in 2019, the film’s director Rob Marshall said after extensive research it was “pretty clear” the singer and movie star was the perfect choice.

Hannah, who played mermaid Madison in the classic 1984 romantic comedy splashwith Tom Hanks, tweeted in support of Bailey.

“The little mermaid is black / I met her / there!” Hannah, 61, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday, ending her tweet with “don’t be a racist jerk” as a hashtag.

Hannah, who is an environmental activist, suggested in another tweet on Thursday that those who are so upset with Bailey’s casting should focus their energy on other issues.

“wow/folx seem to be super excited and pissed about the melanin of an imaginary character,” she tweeted, “how about getting pissed about the fossil fuel industry and the fact that ‘they make mega profits by destroying our life support systems and our common future.’

She also tweeted that the viral video montage of black children lighting up with joy while watching the trailer was a “beautiful reaction”.

The first trailer for the film was unveiled at Disney’s D23 Expo 2022 in Anaheim, California on September 9, showing Bailey in the musical.

Unfortunately, there was a backlash against the casting of a Black Ariel, and the release of the trailer led to even more racist criticism on social media.

The #NotMyAriel hashtag was trending in 2019, and it’s seen something of a resurgence, akin to the conversation surrounding the diverse cast of Dragon House other rings of power.

Despite the backlash, people praising the film and Bailey’s performance seem to outweigh the negativity.

Discuss the role in an interview with Varietyreleased in August, Bailey said: “I want the little girl in me and the little girls like me watching to know that they are special and should be a princess in every way.

“There’s no reason they shouldn’t. That reassurance was something I needed.”

The little Mermaid will hit theaters in May 2023.

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