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Dance Moms: Which OG Claims She’s “Never Been a Stage Mom”?

There was no lack of drama throughout the eight seasons of Dancing Moms. And while much of the chaos stemmed from Abby Lee Miller’s teachings, the moms also caused their fair share of uproar. The moms competed over everything from solos to best costumes and music. But an original member of the Dancing Moms Cast claims that she had no stage mom inclinations at all.

fans of Dancing Moms no doubt know who Melissa Gisoni is. Gisoni is the mother of fan favorites Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler. On the show, she was accused of doing everything to bring her daughters forward. Such things included being friends with Miller, working the front desk at the studio, taking private lessons for Maddie and Mackenzie, and pulling their kids out of traditional school. In Season 3, Gisoni began homeschooling her children so they could spend more time in the dance studio.

It seems that Gisoni’s methods worked. Not only were their children favorites of Abby Lee Dance Company, but both have found success since their departure Dancing Moms in season 6. Maddie is currently pursuing acting and has just completed production on her first starring role in the film. bloody hell. The 20-year-old also recently launched her second collaboration with Morphe 2. Meanwhile, Mackenzie, 18, is gearing up to release new music. She has also just served as creative director for a collaboration with clothing brand Francesca’s.

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But despite her daughters’ success, Gisoni claims she’s by no means a stage mom. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Gisoni explained why she is ineligible for this term. “I’m literally just a mom from Pittsburgh,” he said Dancing Moms alum explained. “I’ve never been a stage mom, and my daughter always tells people that. I think one stage mom is someone who pushes his children, makes them practice, everything has to be perfect. My kids did it on their own. I just drove them and paid the bills.”

It was definitely mothers turn Dancing Moms better suited to Gisoni’s version of a stage mother. However, we wonder if Gisoni’s former castmates would agree with her feelings about herself. Still, Gisoni was able to get her kids off the show when they both told her they didn’t want to do it anymore. That decision certainly supports her claim that she wasn’t a stage mom.

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