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Dame Kelly Holmes reveals she accidentally ate her mother’s ashes while scattering them on a windy day

Dame Kelly Holmes has revealed she accidentally ate her late mother’s ashes while scattering them on a windy day.

The 52-year-old elite athlete shared the story on Tuesday’s episode of Loose Women, as she admitted she could now look back on the moment and laugh.

Speaking about her own experience of grief as the nation mourned the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, Dame Kelly revealed her own unique experience.

Former middle-distance runner Pam Norman’s mother died of myeloma, a form of blood cancer, in 2017.

She recalled: “My mother wanted to be cremated and if not she would come back to haunt us!

“There were four main places across the country that she wanted to visit, but it was just too late. So we decided to go to these four places and scatter the ashes.

“The first time we did it, my whole family, I have a big family, all came in and got a handful [of the ashes] because I covered it in a box, because we were in a public place, and I don’t think you’re always allowed to do it in a public place, do you?

“So I had this box covered with one of my nephew’s jackets and they all came to get a handful and we sprinkled it like a shaker bag.

‘It was okay anyway, but when we went to the New Forest and the Isle of Wight and the Cotswalds it was always windy.

“So we’d stand in a long line, we’d throw them, and I’ve got a quarter of my mother inside me!”

As the Loose Women panelists looked shocked, Dame Kelly declared, “With the ashes! I swear!

“Because every time, every time we’ve done it, of course we’re sad, but every time we’ve done one, two, three,” before mimicking throwing a handful of ashes, which then blew back in her face .

Dame Kelly, who won gold in the 800m and 1500m at the Athens Olympics in 2004, said she was very close to her mother, who raised her on a council estate in Kent, and it took her a long time to accept that she was gone.

Dame Kelly’s father, an auto mechanic, ran away when she was just one year old, leaving a young Pam to raise alone.

But it wasn’t without its difficulties, and Pam’s parents encouraged her to adopt Kelly, fearing she was having too much to deal with.

The athlete has spent some time in and out of children’s homes, but all the while Pam was determined not to give up on her daughter.

Dame Kelly said of her mother’s death: “It was the worst day of my life. She was only 17 years older than me, so we were very close.

“It was terrible, I suffered from grief for a long time. It took a lot of my time to talk to people and make sure my friends knew I needed them.

“Every day I long to be able to tell my mother what I’ve done. We talked every day.

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