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Dame Kelly Holmes, 52, dazzles in a silver dress at the Attitude Awards after coming out as gay

Dame Kelly Holmes was the epitome of elegance as she made her red carpet debut after coming out as gay in June.

The former Olympic athlete, 52, dazzled in an asymmetrical silver dress as she joined a host of stars at The Roundhouse in London on Wednesday night.

The invitation-only event, powered by Jaguar, celebrates some of the biggest LGBTQ+ names in film, television, music and theatre.

The Olympian looked flawless in the one-shoulder dress with a semi-sheer panel at the front that showed off her shorter skirt underneath.

The stunner beamed as she raised a storm at her slim waist with her toned and tattooed arms.

Accessorizing with a selection of complementary silver jewellery, the star added height to her body with a pair of jeweled heels.

She accentuated her features with a light make-up and slicked back her highlighted tresses.

It comes after Kelly earlier this month expressed her fears of being sent to prison for being gay while serving in the British Army.

Then the former Olympic athlete was joined by her panel on Loose Women as she spoke about her time as a sergeant in the British Army.

Because it was illegal for members of the ward to serve until 2000, many later struggled with homelessness, unemployment, and mental health issues while being forced to come out to their families.

She explained that many veterans have had a “humiliating” experience of being interrogated when allegations of homosexual activity are made.

Kelly told the fellow Loose Women on Monday: “It’s impacted me my entire life because when I got together at 18 you were told that law and I had an experience that like many veterans is absolutely humbling.

“Their rooms were ransacked and interrogated if there was any indication of it.

“There are thousands affected, many veterans who were believed to be homosexual, were court-martialed, jailed and thrown out.

“People have lost family members and a lot more.

“I was ransacked and had the interrogation. If I had been caught, even a hint could have had everything taken from me.’

She first realized she was a lesbian when she kissed another woman in the army in 1988.

Lady Kelly came out in June, said she had to do it now.

During Pride month, the two-time Olympic gold medalist said her family and friends have known since 1997.

She told the Sunday Mirror: “I had to do this for myself now. It was my choice. I’m nervous to say it. I feel like I’m about to explode with excitement.

“Sometimes I cry with relief. The moment this comes out, I essentially get rid of that fear.

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