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Dallas star Patrick Duffy and Happy Days vet Linda Purl talk about finding love

Spending time in the kitchen is a big part of Linda Purl and Patrick Duff’s relationship, so much so that they just launched a new baked product together that honors Duffy’s family.

“Our lifestyle makes us very compatible in almost every way we can think of,” Dallas, Patrick Duffy tells People of his relationship with 67-year-old Happy Days star Linda Purl.

The H-stars, who have been dating for over two years, spoke to the site about their new sourdough kit, Duffy’s Dough, which includes a dehydrated version of an appetizer that’s “at least 70 years old,” says Duffy, 73.

“My parents took my sister and I from Montana to Alaska in 1952 in a small trailer that was pulled by a truck. While we were there for almost two years, an old woman gave my mother a sourdough appetizer,” he said.

His mother used it to bake when he was a child and his sister kept it active for years, inspiring Duffy to bake with it too.

Early in their relationship he made sourdough pancakes for Purl, 67, who said they tasted “remarkable” and it sparked the idea of ​​starting a business with the appetizer.

“Well, I didn’t think I’d ever start a business, but Linda is Linda and took it and ran with it right away,” Duffy said. “We dehydrated the original sourdough starter. So it’s absolutely pure since my mother received it.’

“I think it’s just an interesting commentary on society and the times when certain things can remain unchanged and viable,” Duffy said of the family heirloom.

Explaining that baking is a way to connect with family and friends, Purl detailed the benefits of literally breaking bread together and why they hope to inspire customers to join similar family traditions.

“There is an opportunity for really good things to happen and real communication to take place. It starts with the tiny little yeast spore but can expand into a multi-level experience,” she added.

It’s no surprise that this project has strengthened their relationship as staying in the kitchen is intertwined with their love story.

“When we got together I can actually remember arriving late afternoon and we had dinner and cooked dinner in the kitchen. And it was a dance that we had never done together, but we were both familiar with the choreography,” said Duffy.

“Linda is a master chef and I learn from her way of cooking every day,” he adds. “Our lifestyle makes us very compatible in almost every way imaginable. In the kitchen, how we cook, how we clean, how we work together as individuals.”

The limited product can be ordered from now until mid-December.

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