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Coral Island: How to upgrade your backpack

Your backpack is a key item that you will spend a lot of time managing Coral Island. As such, you’ll want to consider upgrading your backpack ASAP. Fortunately, it’s not a difficult process, especially if you already know what to do.

Upgrade your backpack by Coral Island will help you carry more items. This is exceptionally useful when you go fishing around the island or when you unlock mines and start mining for ores. As Disney Valley of Dreamshaving more room in your backpack means carrying more items before you have to go home and throw everything in a trunk.

When you start in Coral Island, you will have your toolbar as well as a total of five spaces in your backpack. The first backpack upgrade can be purchased from the start, however, and once completed you’ll be able to store up to 20 different things in your backpack (and toolbar) as you explore the world Game.

To purchase the backpack upgrade and add more space to your bag, all you need to do is wait to receive a letter in the mail from Sam stating that he has received a new item at general store. Once you receive this letter – it should arrive in the early days on the island, around the fourth spring – head to Starlet Town and locate Sam’s General Store on the map.

The General Store isn’t hard to find, and once located, head inside and head to the counter where Sam is waiting. Talk to Sam and he will give you the option to “upgrade the bag”. It will cost you 500 coins, so if you run out of the required amount, go around the different places on the island and catch some fish.

Once you choose “Upgrade Bag”, Sam will expand your inventory for the first time. At this point, you will be able to carry up to 10 items in your toolbar and another 10 in your backpack itself.

You can also upgrade your bag a second time by spending 3,500 coins. This will upgrade it to a total of 30 item slots.

Of course, upgrading this second time around will require some saving, so you’ll probably want to craft some makeshift chests in the meantime. These are easy to craft, however, and only require 25 Wood and 10 Scrap to craft. Once crafted, throw the chest somewhere on your farm and you can start storing items in it.

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