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Coral Island: how to unlock the mines

Coral Island is a new life simulation game similar to Stardew Valley other Disney Valley of Dreams. In it, players travel to the beautiful tropical paradise of Coral Island cultivate and earn a living. And, just like the games that inspired it, Coral Island has plenty of activities for players to get started and have fun.

One of the most beneficial activities that players can enjoy is mining. This activity can be done at any time of your day and allows you to gather various materials like ores, geodes, etc. This material can then be refined into better materials, which you can use to craft certain items you may need later.

However, to mine the mines, you must first unlock the mines. When you first arrive on the island of Coral Island, the mines are closed. Located northwest of the city, the mines will be a place you visit often during your time in the game. But how do you unlock the mines when you first arrive?

Well, to unlock the mines, players must first play until the fifth day of spring. Spring is the first season that Coral Island players will suffer, so you’ll just have to get through those early days. Chances are by then you’ve probably completed some of the early game quests and probably even got your hands on the fishing rod, which you can use to earn some pretty easy cash in Coral Island.

Once you have reached the fifth day of spring in Coral Island, exit and a conversation with Mark will trigger. Mark will let you know that the mines are open again and you can go there to start exploring and extracting materials using your basic tools.

After unlocking the mine, you will trigger a cutscene when you arrive. At the end of the cutscene, Kira will provide you with a very basic sword, which you will need to use to deal with all the monsters you encounter in the lower levels of the mines. From there, all you have to do to start collecting materials is break rocks and keep unlocking new levels.

Players will spend a lot of time in the mines, especially as they work to upgrade their tools and gain access to better materials that can only be scavenged from the mines. Just make sure to watch your energy levels, because you don’t want to end up passing out in the mines.

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