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Coral Island: How to Get the Fishing Rod and Catch Fish

Long time fans of Stardew Valley and other life simulation games like Disney Valley of Dreams will want to take a trip to Steam or Game Pass this week, because Coral Island has finally arrived in Early Access.

Like most games of this genre, Coral Island full of things for players to do. Whether you’re looking to buy gifts, buy seeds for your farm, or just improve your home, earning money is an essential part of the game loop in Coral Island. And one of the best ways to make money is to start fishing.

To start fishing Coral Island, you will first need to acquire the fishing rod. This article is one of many basic articles that you will often use in Coral Islandand you will also unlock it at the start of the game. It is actually impossible to miss unlocking this item if you follow the main storyline, so just follow the steps listed below to acquire it as quickly as possible.

Complete the “Starting Out” and “Home Sweet Home” main quests.

Check the mailbox outside your house for a letter from Sunny and Eleanor, then head to town and to the beach.

Once up to the beat, enter Sunny’s Beach Shack and complete the cutscene to unlock the Fishing Rod as well as a Bug Net, which is another useful tool you can use to earn some cash. Coral Island.

When you’ve unlocked the fishing rod, head into the water, then equip your fishing rod. When ready, cast your line by pressing and holding the left mouse button on PC. Now you have to be patient.

to fish in Coral Island is quite different from what it is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons or even Stardew Valley. Instead of just spamming a button to keep the fish in a certain area or just bringing it back without any effort, you will actually have to fight with the fish to attract it.

To do this, simply reel in the fish by holding down the left mouse button on the PC. When the wavy lines on the wrap bar start to appear, release the line so you don’t break it.

You will then need to complete this song and dance for each fish you wish to catch. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but you will get used to the mechanics very quickly. And, you can then build up your inventory of fish to sell.

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