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Controversial ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Are In Therapy After The Show

A controversial couple from “Bachelor in Paradise” are still doing well despite some major obstacles they had to overcome. Last summer, Brendan Morais and Pieper James built a relationship, but that came at a cost. Morais had been with Natasha Parker before James showed up at the beach, and both Morais and James had a lot of heat from having been in contact prior to filming. Despite opposition from both their fellow cast members and “Bachelor Nation” fans, Morais and James are still together a year later. However, they have recently opened up about the steps they needed to take to make that happen.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” couple recently talked to Us Weekly about their relationship. When they left the beach during season 7, it was before the finale and without an engagement. But in the end it seems to work out well for them. “I feel like we’ve always done things the way we wanted,” James explained. By not getting engaged in front of the camera, they don’t have to rush to get married… It’s kind of like, ‘Let’s do things at our own pace,'” she added.

Morais and James noted that they are currently living together in Massachusetts, having spent most of their relationship long distances. However, apparently they are already planning to go elsewhere. They travel and are dating, and Morais noted that he “wouldn’t date her if she wasn’t the person I could imagine at some point in my life, sooner rather than later.”

Although the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ couple say they are happy with their relationship, they also seek help to keep it that way. They do couples therapy and had just had their first session when they spoke to Us Weekly. James explained, “I’m a big believer in therapy, so I feel like our relationship is great, and this is exactly what I need to take it to the next level.” She added that she believed this was especially important to do “when you’re talking about getting married to someone in the future.”

In May, James joined Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon for an episode of their “Help! I Suck On Dating” podcast. At the time, she was living in New York City while Morais was in Boston. She surprised the boys by saying that they and Morais never broke up after they left “Bachelor in Paradise”, although fans thought they did. They decided to stop following each other on social media when the fan pushback was quite high, and Morais tried his best to keep the to divert negative fan attention away from her and him alone.The negativity seemed to wane over time, and now James and Morais seem to be getting quite a bit of support from fans on social media.

“My all-time favorite couple, stay together forever,” one person recently shared on one of his Instagram posts.

“You are clearly thriving so stay happy and great together,” added another supporter.

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