Monday, October 3, 2022

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Comedian Em Rusciano is asking fans for financial support for her podcast

Em Rusciano is asking her fans to contribute financially to her podcast, even though she’s signed a lucrative deal with Spotify to make her show exclusive to the platform.

The 43-year-old comedian asks her supporters to sign up on Patreon for tiers ranging from $7 to $41 a month and has hired someone to manage the page, giving it a “total facelift.”

Emsolation’s Patreon page has had a complete overhaul. Someone else is running it, and there are new levels, new perks, new tiers,” she said on Instagram on Sunday.

She continued, “We will be livestreaming before every episode [of Emsolation] so you can help us plan the show.

“If you love our podcast and don’t want to support us much for a month, do so.

“Listen, it’s hard for creators to ask for a financial contribution from their audience, but I kind of allow it. And yes, we are an exclusive Spotify partner, but we produce two podcasts a week.”

Em said they are a “one woman band” with “six staff members working on the show.”

She said that in order to continue making a “quality podcast,” she will ask fans to “donate” a small amount of money each month.

The former 2Day FM breakfast show host concluded by saying she will “not apologize” for asking for money for giving “heaps” of content to her fans.

Em currently offers $7, $14, and $41 tiers on her Patreon page, with each tier offering different benefits for subscribers.

Previously, she only posted to the platform every few months, but so far this week she has been uploading content on both Sunday and Monday.

The podcaster signed with Spotify last year and broke down in tears as she reflected on the ups and downs of her previous career in commercial radio.

She explained how she had just signed a deal with Spotify Australia to make her Emsolation podcast a Spotify exclusive while still allowing her full creative control – after years of her output being carefully managed by radio execs.

Em was hired to host 2Day FM’s breakfast show alongside Harley Breen in 2017, but in September 2018 she announced she was leaving to focus on having a baby.

Prior to her departure, according to multiple reports, employees of 2Day FM were left and others were looking for new jobs due to Em’s “hiring”.

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