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Cliff Parisi retires from Celebrity MasterChef just days before the grand finale

Cliff Parisi is the latest contestant to leave the famed MasterChef ahead of Thursday’s grand finals.

The 62-year-old actor admitted it was “hard” to leave the competition when it was so close to the end.

Cliff – who is best known for playing Minty on EastEnders and Fred Buckle on Call the Midwife – said: “I could say that going out at this point is easy – it’s not, it’s hard.”

He continued: “I’ve come this far and I never expected to be here, so everything is a plus.”

The actor left the show, leaving McFly’s Danny Jones, Lisa Snowden and All Saints’ Melanie Blatt to compete in the finals.

During the episode, Cliff served a Chinese takeaway, which he locked in a safe as part of a playful police theme.

Announcing his exit, John said: “At this stage of the competition it’s very difficult to say goodbye to either of you because you’ve worked so hard. You’ve come this far

“The celebrity that’s leaving us is Cliff. Cliff, your food was bountiful, you are great fun, it was a wonderful competition and so sad to see you go.

As his cast mates showed up, the actor said, “Thank you very much. I have a new love in my life now who is cooking and I’ve made some fabulous friends so what more could you ask for? been brilliant.”

It comes after the former soap star revealed he lost half a stone in a week after filming the cook-off.

He said he is now more health conscious than ever after spending so much time in the kitchen.

He said: “I’ve been trying to eat a more balanced diet, I make soaked oatmeal twice a day. I try to avoid chocolate chip cookies and I lost half a stone this week. I want to stay healthy.’

Cliff admitted he was actually surprised at how much the culinary show had changed him.

Explaining: “It evokes emotions about your childhood, like cakes Grandpa used to make. And when they like what you’re cooking, it really empowers you, it’s like they recognize a little bit of you.

‘[The judges] John and Gregg [Wallace] Become like mom and dad, you just always want to please them.

“It’s like you’re showing them your newborn child — you really want them to say it’s pretty.”

It comes after the BBC postponed this year’s final following the death of Her Majesty the Queen, who was buried on September 19.

The channel has rearranged its schedule to allow full coverage of the death of the late monarch, the recent journey from Balmoral to Buckingham Palace and the forthcoming funeral at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on Monday.

The hasty change has resulted in Celebrity MasterChef, one of the most popular shows on the BBC list, being pushed back – with two of the last five episodes airing back-to-back on September 15 at 8:30pm.

Two more episodes will air on Friday September 16 at 9pm, with the final episode announcing the winner airing on Tuesday September 20 at 8pm, the day after your funeral Majesty, will be broadcast.

The show was originally scheduled to air on Tuesday nights, only to be shelved in favor of The One Show’s tribute to the late king – Our Queen Remembered.

Celebrity MasterChef used to have problems with programming as the show was previously shelved to make way for royal coverage after it was due to air on April 9, 2021 – the day of Prince Phillip’s death.

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