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“Chucky” Season 2: Meet the “Horror Royalty” actor who plays Father Bryce

The horror series chucky Season 2 introduces a few new characters as Jake, Devon and Lexi return to take care of the killer doll. The main characters venture into uncharted territory when they are forced to attend a reform Catholic school. At the helm of the school is a new character named Father Bryce, played by a recurring actor in chucky Season 2. Fans of the series will be interested to know why Devon Sawa is considered “the horror king” by the cast and creator.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding Chucky and Chucky Season 2.]

The first episode kicked off the season in a way fans never expected. The main characters begin to unravel from the traumatic events of the first season. While they believe that Chucky is done and Andy has taken care of it, they are in for a rude awakening. On Halloween, Jake learns that Chucky has returned and is blackmailing him, Devon, and Lexi.

But they also soon learn that the Chucky they meet is not the original, but a copy that contains a piece of the killer’s soul. But the climax of the episode occurs when Jake’s foster brother is killed by a homemade bomb by Chucky. In response, the three characters are blamed for the death and sent away. But instead of a youth facility, they are sent to a Catholic school called the School of the Incarnate Lord.

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The environment of the Catholic school gives the characters a new complex dynamic, all the more so when they realize that Charles Lee Ray grew up there. The setting also introduces a new character, Father Bryce, played by actor Devon Sawa.

At New York Comic Con chucky In Season 2, the host described Sawa as a “horror king”. There’s a reason. Sawa is by no means a new cast member for fans of the series. He plays the new character of Father Bryce in chucky Season 2, Sawa has been part of the series since the first season.

Sawa starred as two supporting characters in the first season. He played the roles of Lucas and Logan Wheeler, Jake’s father and uncle. Logan is the wealthy brother while Lucas is a widowed father who works as a mechanic. But Lucas would meet a stunning death early on. After receiving a call from school about Jake’s suspension, he punches his son.

But Jake instead yells that his father is more upset about his sexuality. The comment results in a backhand to the face and Jake is sent to his room. Later in the night he finds his whiskey empty and the nights are running out. He checks the firebox and encounters Chucky vomiting on an exposed power cord. Electrocute Lucas to death.

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Unlike his twin, Logan dies at the hands of his son Junior. After the death of his wife, Logan turns to drinking. He returns home drunk one night to find his son talking to Chucky. The doll begins to mock him, angering him. But Logan tells his son that his mother would have been disappointed in him. Also that he is calmer than her. In response, Junior hits his father in the head with the doll and bludgeons him to death.

After Sawa’s two characters were gruesomely killed in season one, he now returns as Father Bryce chucky Season 2. Following a clear pattern, fans might be inclined to believe that the character might eventually meet his death.

At the New York Comic Con panel, Sawa explains, “I tried to call Don and get him to stop killing me and he still killed me and he killed me so well he wanted to bring me back to kill me again .” But the actor has a few other roles in the horror genre.

In 2000, Sawa starred in the hit film Alex Browning. final destination. The film became a cult classic in the horror genre about a group of characters trying to escape their fateful death. Sawa then appeared in some other horror movies like 388 Arletta Avenue, A resurrection, hunter hunterand Black Friday. He also starred in Somewhere inbetween. A remake of a Korean series about a mother trying to change her daughter’s fate.

chucky Season 2 will stream on SyFy every Wednesday at 9pm EST.

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