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Chucky Season 2: Don Mancini and Jennifer Tilly explain the dynamic behind killing a young character

Showbiz Cheatsheet visited the chucky Season 2 panel at New York Comic-Con 2022. The cast and creator of the horror series broke down what’s in store for the season, the new Catholic school setting and the return of a season 1 actor. But most importantly, Don Mancini and Jennifer Tilly spill the beans on what led to a stunning death in the first episode of chucky Season 2. The death of a young character is a first for the franchise.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding Chucky Season 2.]

Following the events of season one, Jake is sent away to a new foster family that lives further away from Hackensack. He also gets a new foster brother named Gary. The first episode reveals that Jake has developed a close bond with his new little brother who is obsessed with Batman. Jake even hand-makes their Batman and Robin Halloween costumes. But their bond would come to a tragic end.

As fans know, Chucky shattered his soul into pieces and into multiple doll versions of himself. The puppets have their set plans, and one of them involves Gary. The boy comes into possession of one of the dolls. While Jake and Devon are with Lexy, the doorbell rings to reveal Gary with a Chucky doll. But good Ol’Chucky created a homemade bomb out of fertilizer and another household item.

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In the end, the three characters fall straight into Chucky’s trap and he wants to kill them all at once. As Lexi comes down the stairs, Devon tases Chucky and drops the bomb. Gary grabs the bomb and runs away. But a determined Chucky runs after him and detonates the bomb in Gary’s arms.

That’s right, Don Mancini did the unthinkable chucky Season 2 and killed a toddler. This results in the three main characters being blamed for their deaths and being sent to a Catholic reformatory. At New York Comic-Con, Mancini and Tilly explain why they need to do it in the new season.

The cast and creator of chucky Season 2 answered the essential details about the new season. Not only did Mancini express his hopes for a Chuckyverse, but Tilly also revealed a behind-the-scenes tidbit of the franchise. The panel’s moderator addressed the death of Gary in the first episode and what the cast thought of the show killing a child.

“I was surprised to see this kid explode because I know Cult of Chucky, Don wanted to butcher a child, and Universal said, ‘No, they don’t kill children here at Universal,’” Tilly explained. Mancini seems to have stuck with the idea of ​​a dramatic death for a long time chucky Season 2. But the creator explains that it was 10 years ago and the horror genre has changed so much since then.

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But Tilly reveals more dirty secrets and that Mancini has spoken to executives about the issue. “They said you negotiated with them and said, ‘At what age can I kill a child?'” Tilly explained. To get the scene going and reassure executives, Mancini cast a 10-year-old actor who looked much younger, according to Tilly.

“I sold it to him. I said, ‘You’re Chucky’s youngest victim ever,'” Mancini explained. Looking back on the franchise, Chucky had actively tried to kill Andy in the first film as a kid, but never succeeded. Fans never actually see the killer doll murder a child.

Fans are heartbroken by the death of Gary in the very first episode. While Mancini did the unthinkable so early chucky Season 2, fans can’t help but agree that the bar has been set high for the franchise. There’s no denying that fans will remember the young character forever.

In the role of Gary is actor Simon Webster. chucky Season 2 is not his first appearance as an actor as he voiced Lucas the Spider from 2021 to 2022. He also played Ethan Matthews in the 2022 mystery series ePix, Out of. Webster’s other roles include stray, The most dangerous game, When hope callsand a few TV movies.

chucky Season 2 airs every Wednesday on SyFy.

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