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Chucky Season 2 Creator Addresses the Catholic School Setting for the Characters: “One of the struggles that young gay guys often have is the tension with their faith”

The killer doll is back to wreak havoc on the main characters of the horror series chucky Season 2. But when Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), Devon Evans (Björgvin Arnarson) and Lexi Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) learn that Chucky is back and reproducing, they are forced into a new environment in which to fend for themselves have to worry about. Nothing stirs fear like a Catholic school, and creator Don Mancini explains why the setting is necessary for Jake and Devon’s LGBTQ story chucky Season 2.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers regarding Chucky Season 2, Episode 1.]

The season two premiere episode started with a bang. It’s been months since the previous season’s finale, and the characters are doing well. Little do Jake, Devon and Lexi know that Chucky has split his soul into several dolls ready to wreak havoc. They soon learn the reality that their lives deviate from being ordinary.

Versions of Chucky begin to implement certain plans, and one of them ends up with Lexi’s younger sister. After a therapy session, the therapist tries to heal the little girl with a brand new doll. The doll happens to be Chucky’s infamous bride. Yes, from the same Don Mancini film. Very meta.

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Lexi, Devon and Jake realize the doll could also be evil. The next day, Jake’s younger brother, Gary, came to Lexi’s doorstep, but with his own Chucky. But this version carries a homemade bomb. In a tragic and horrifying twist, the bomb kills Gary. Lexi, Jake and Devon are blamed for the deaths because they can’t tell the truth. Instead of a youth facility, the therapists suggest the School of the Incarnate Lord. The episode ends with the character on his way, and they soon realize it’s Charles Lee Ray’s former home.

The characters get into trouble while attending a Catholic school in New York chucky Season 2 hoping to reform them, especially Jake and Devon.

chucky is acclaimed for its LGBTQ representation on the small screen. The series continues to focus on the romantic relationship between Devon and Jake. But then they are forced to go to a Catholic school chucky In Season 2, their sexual orientation and love for each other is challenged.

As in real life, there are young gay couples and they face societies that are pushing to change them. According to Gizmodo, Mancini wanted to add his own experience of growing up Catholic and what it means to LGBTQ audiences.

“One of the struggles that young gay people often have is tension with their faith,” Mancini explained. “As a kid raised Catholic, I certainly had authority figures wagging their fingers at me and telling me I was bad and going to hell. And I wanted to see what it’s like for a gay kid or two gay kids in a relationship, in a budding romance, [and] what that kind of stress does to the relationship.”

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Indeed, Jake and Devon’s relationship is put to the test. Fans saw how towards the end of the episode Jake is still wracked with guilt over Gary’s death and refuses Devon’s comfort. Now in a Catholic school, the two characters face off against killer dolls and the battle between religion and sexuality chucky Season 2.

During New York Comic-Con 2022, Mancini explained during the chucky Season 2 panel that Jake and Devon can’t “live happily ever after.” There must be conflict. “I think that’s one of the things that I think made the TV show work so well, how it has this sense of real life and real pain in it and real issues that kids go through,” Mancini explained .

but chucky Season 2 brings with it another character from the franchise that fans are dying to meet. Actor Lachlan Watson plays Glen and Glenda. The character is born a male but has an alternate role as a female. Watson is one of Hollywood’s youngest non-binary and pansexual actors. Mancini hopes Watson’s role will be well received by fans, “because it was really important for us to acknowledge the trans experience with these characters.”

chucky Season 2 airs every Wednesday at 9pm EST on SyFy.

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