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Christina Hall shadows ex while traveling with kids

Christina and Josh Hall are traveling with her kids and she wants her followers to know that all three of them are. While sharing a photo of her eldest children, the HGTV star seemingly referenced her ongoing legal battle with ex-husband Ant Anstead in her Instagram story on Nov. 21, 2022.

She appeared to be filming her new series, “Christina in the Country,” at Sweet Haven ice cream parlor in Tennessee. In the photo, her daughter Taylor, 12, and son Brayden, 7, were all smiles next to Josh’s niece.

“Must stop at our favourite [ice cream cone emoji] spot @sweethaven_tn,” she wrote. Christina referred to her youngest son and added: “Hudson is here too, but can’t be ‘here'”

The ‘Christina on the Coast’ star shares Taylor and Brayden with her first husband Tarek El Moussa and her youngest son Hudson, 3, with her second husband Ant Anstead. The latter are currently embroiled in an ongoing custody battle, with Hudson’s social media appearance a point of contention.

In October, Christina announced on Instagram that she will no longer feature Hudson on social media or in her shows.

“Mentally exhausted,” wrote Christina, “Hudson’s father has tried to turn my family, friends and fans against me through manipulation tactics and false information. This has had a major impact on me and my household. That’s why I made the decision to stop showing Hudson on Instagram, my TV shows, or other social platforms until he’s old enough to make this decision for himself.

She called out Anstead for using Instagram as a means of judging her, adding that she only included Hudson in her shows so he could “participate in the fun activities/outings with our family/siblings. “

Although Hudson hasn’t been seen on her social media lately, his blurry figure can be seen in the background of a photo with her other son.

Anstead filed for full custody of Hudson in April 2022, citing his claims that Hudson was rarely with Christina and that when he was, he was used in social media advertisements. He filed a new court affidavit in September 2022, saying the former couple was able to resolve many of their issues outside of the court system. One point of contention, however, was Hudson’s appearance on Christina’s HGTV reality shows.

“The risks to a child working on a television production set (even if that ‘set’ is Christina’s home) are myriad and well-documented,” the mechanic wrote in court documents obtained by US Weekly. “Apart from the obvious pressures of working in a TV production environment, children involved in TV production often have lingering issues that affect their well-being, worldview and self-image, leaving them weakened and dependent on the perceived approval of others for their self-image. worth.”

The host of “Celebrity IOU Joyride” wrote that he wanted his son’s childhood to be “joyful, healthy and natural” without “commercial opportunities and content” as a priority. He would further refer to the death of “Toddlers & Tiaras” alum Kailia Posey in May 2022.

“One of my many fears about Hudson being forced to film reality TV is the possibility of public ridicule over seemingly benign content becoming insurmountably humiliating,” the 43-year-old continued. “I urge the courts to review the recent and tragic case of Kailia Posey and a defining embarrassing meme.”

Anstead clapped back to commenters questioning Hudson’s appearance on his personal Instagram. In October 2022, the “Wheeler Dealers” star shared a photo on Instagram with her young son and his father.

One commenter wrote: ‘How come you can post pictures of Hudson but not Christina? That doesn’t seem fair. If it is exploitation for one of you to post here, isn’t it exploitation for both of you? Something to think about.”

In his reply, he wrote, “I wrote to her privately on April 21 (that letter is in my file on April 28) and it took her 25 weeks to finally agree. She could have agreed behind closed doors 25 weeks ago and no one would know. Certain people get angry when they are held responsible for something they definitely did x.

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