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Chris Hemsworth takes an ice bath while taking a break from acting as part of Limitless with Center Challenge

Chris Hemsworth took an ice bath as part of the Limitless with Center challenge he posted on Wednesday.

The 39-year-old actor posted a social media clip of himself jumping into an ice-cold tub of water.

“If you want to join me, find yourself an ice bath and try to stay in it for three minutes,” the Thor actor told his more than 56 million followers.

He then hopped in the bathtub and almost immediately said he had to go to his “happy place” to get through the harrowing experience.

Hemsworth then cracked several jokes before recounting an experience he had in Norway, swimming in freezing water on a cold day.

He swam in freezing arctic waters earlier this month to improve his health and longevity. He walked a full 250 meters for his new television show, Limitless, which is now streaming on Disney+.

Hemsworth joked in the clip that he could stay in the water for 30 minutes and even invited his friend, who kept the timer on, to jump in the bath with him.

“One of the biggest benefits of an ice bath is the mood boost,” said the Avengers star. “I think it’s because when you’re in here you feel like you’re dying and when you come out you feel like you’re alive again.”

Despite joking earlier in the video about a friend coming over to him, the friend hopped in the bath with 30 seconds left to complete the challenge with Chris.

Ice baths are said to boost the immune system, something Hemsworth may have been interested in since taking time off from acting.

The actor told Vanity Fair he decided to take some time off after filming a confrontational episode about death in his new Disney+ docuseries Limitless.

“Doing an episode about death and confronting your own mortality made me go, ‘Oh god, I’m not ready to go yet,'” he said.

“I want to sit and be in this space with a greater sense of stillness and gratitude. And then you start talking about kids and family…”

Chris explained: “It really triggered something in me that I wanted to take some time off. And since we finished the show, I’ve completed the things I’ve already been signed to do.’

He said he’s decided to have a “good bit of free time” with his wife Elsa Pataky and their three children – India, 10, and twins Sasha and Tristan, 8.

It came after Chris discovered that he was genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s, which led to him confronting his “own mortality” during filming.

After blood tests were done for the program, he was told his chance of developing Alzheimer’s was “between eight and 10 times” higher than the general population, as he is one of only two to three percent of people with two copies of the disease gene is APOE4.

Limitless plays with Chris’ fame through superhero movies, following him as he pushes the limits of what his body can do.

He will be featured on the Disney+ program, which has various physical goals, such as what Variety reports was a 40-pound weight gain for a Thor movie.

The blood test he received for the show led to the breaking news that he was several times more likely than the general population to develop Alzheimer’s, a degenerative brain disease characterized in part by memory loss.

However, according to the CDC, there are obviously a number of steps people in his position can take to reduce their risk, such as:

As a result, Chris responded to the news of his own predisposition to Alzheimer’s by cultivating a healthier lifestyle.

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