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Cheryl Burke Talks Retirement From ‘Dancing With the Stars’

On Monday, October 10, pro dancer Cheryl Burke and her partner Sam Champion were eliminated from Season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars.” In an earlier podcast episode, she talked about whether it’s time to “hang up the phone.” [dancing] shoes.”

On the October 2 episode of her podcast “Burke in the Game,” the dancer said it’s “damn time” to hang it, as she joked that she should use her mouth for money — that is, the way she does. she got so involved in podcasting. She’s also interested in possibly hosting, something Champion said he thinks she’d be great at.

“It’s damn time I start using my mouth for money and hang up the shoes soon,” Burke said.

Champion replied, “I think that as a personality, as a talent, Cheryl, you have gifts that you have not yet been allowed to use. You are a great host. You’re a great coach, you’re a great dancer, but you’re a… awesome host.”

Burke was full of gratitude for the compliments, but Champion wasn’t done yet.

He continued: “I would watch a show that you presented because you care about the people, whatever it is — a competition show, a talk show, a mental health show. Because you don’t talk about the talk. We have people who do that.” and we have people with great shows who do that but I think there’s something special about someone who has a show or hosts a show who makes that show about the people I love that and that’s valuable to me and that do you have.”

What do you think, fans? Would you like to see Burke switch to hosting? She hasn’t officially said season 31 will be her last and we’d love to see her run for a third Mirrorball trophy.

Burke won season two and season three of the show, but hasn’t won since. Her highest finish after season three was two seasons in second place – in season eight she finished second to Gilles Marini and in season 13 she and Rob Kardashian also finished in second place.

Burke told Heavy during Season 30 that part of her wants a third win “so bad.”

“There’s a part of me that wants that damn third Mirrorball so bad! It’s been around since 2007, for God’s sake!” Burke said, but she went on to say she’s just thankful she was a part of “Dancing With the Stars” at all.

“In the end I can be totally greedy and say I want all the Mirrorballs like Derek [Hough], but I’ve already done it and it’s just great to be a part of something that celebrates ballroom dancing for so long. Who knows?” said the dancer.

After her elimination from season 31, Burke said in an Instagram story that it felt absolutely “weird” to be eliminated so early in the season — in all her years on the show, this is equivalent to Burke’s earliest elimination. She has only finished 10th or below four times in 26 seasons.

“It feels really weird to be knocked out so early. However, I had the best bond with my friend, my fam and my dance partner for life, Sam Champion,” said Burke.

As part of their post-season interview circuit, Burke and Champion appeared on “Good Morning America,” where Champion dubbed Burke as “‘Dancing With the Stars’ Royalty,” which all GMA hosts agreed. He also said he can’t believe what she’s been doing to her body for 26 seasons.

“We all watch the show and we all see these dancers doing this season after season and Cheryl has been doing this for 26 seasons. When you go through it, even if it’s just for a few weeks, you realize what they’re doing to their bodies. These are elite athletes who have injuries and are still going through the dance — Cheryl, I can’t even imagine what it’s like you put your body through every year,” said Champion, adding GMA host Michael Strahan that every NFL player he’s talked to who’s been on the show has told him that “Dancing With the Stars” is the hardest thing they’ve ever done.

Champion also said he can’t wait to spend time off-show with Burke, telling the hosts of “Good Morning America”: “I’m looking forward to spending some time with Cheryl. People need to know how great this one is. young woman she is not only a professional dancer and probably the best one has ever been after 26 seasons but also the life experience learning things from cheryl cant wait to just hang out with her now and not at the same time having to balance.”

On the October 9 episode of her podcast, Burke echoed those sentiments, saying of Champion, “It was wonderful, spending my time with Sam and seeing him every day. As you know, we were friends before and will be closer at this point. friends and relatives are after this experience.”

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern and 5 p.m. Pacific time on Disney Plus.

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