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Charlotte Crosby says her baby plans were rocked by mum Letitia’s cancer diagnosis

Charlotte Crosby is yet to ’embrace’ her pregnancy after the reality star’s mum was diagnosed with breast cancer following her baby announcement.

The Geordie Shore favorite, 32, told MailOnline she was so “concerned” about Letitia’s health that she hadn’t thought about giving birth, a life-changing moment which is being filmed for her upcoming BBC series.

In an exclusive interview, Charlotte revealed the couple “consumed their entire pregnancy” from Letitia’s diagnosis, but the arrival of their newborn will bring a much-needed boost of happiness to their mother, who started chemotherapy last week.

Charlotte said: “I don’t know when it will sink.

“I’m going to film all the way up to the birth and I’m going to film the birth.

“I feel really calm because this show is completely different than anything I’ve ever filmed before. It’s really relaxed and it’s really calm, it’s so much like a fly on the wall that sometimes I don’t even realize I’m filming, so I’m fine.

“I have my mum and I am taking her to chemotherapy, it only started last week. I’m too busy worrying about my mother, so I haven’t even thought about the birth.

“We said this morning that it’s so weird to imagine her being diagnosed with cancer while I was pregnant – it was literally my entire pregnancy so we didn’t welcome it as much as we could have , but when the baby arrives, she will be really happy.’

Charlotte is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Jake Ankers, who she has been dating for a year.

The TV personality opened up to her former Geordie Shore co-stars about her pregnancy on camera while filming The Reunion, MTV’s new series that follows returning cast members who have all entered new phases in their lives.

She agreed to take part alongside close friends Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei and Marnie Simpson because the new series is a world away from her earlier days of partying, when Charlotte became famous for wetting herself while intoxicated.

Charlotte said: “When we started filming, I think I was about seven weeks pregnant. I was very early. I told the girls on camera.

“I would never go back to Geordie Shore like it was when we were on it – this is the reunion show. I agreed to do this series because it’s a completely different kettle of fish.

“It’s filmed differently, we’re doing the reunion show where we all meet again and we see people we haven’t seen in years, sort out differences, it’s not about the partying or drinking or anything.

“It was relatively easy for me to film throughout my pregnancy.”

The first episode of the new series teases the return of Gary Beadle, who is now married to wife Emma McVey and father to children Chester and Primrose.

While it’s unclear if the Geordie favorite is filming for the reunion show, Charlotte insisted the idea of ​​seeing her former flame again doesn’t worry her.

Charlotte said, “No, no, no. It’s the story of my life for 12 years. I’m always asked how I feel about Gary – it’s like asking me how I feel today? Honestly, that’s how it feels.’

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