Monday, October 3, 2022

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Charles III: A man claims to be his hidden son born of his affair with Camilla

This story had surfaced some time ago, but came to the fore again after the death of Elizabeth II. In 2016, Simon Dorante-Day claimed that Charles and Camilla were his parents and that he was their hidden son. Adopted from the age of 8 months, the Australian (who is now 56) is convinced he is of royal blood after hearing his adoptive grandmother’s revelations on his deathbed. He’s been pushing hard ever since to uncover the truth, let alone now that Charles has become king.

He also told 7News that he is more angry than ever because the royal family has never reached out to him on the matter.

“It’s hard to see Charles appointing William Prince of Wales as anything but a slap in the face. I don’t want to feel that way, but it does. I think the least he could do is give me an answer, recognize me. He gives William a title, but where’s my answer? (…) If you’re not my father, then prove it!” said Simonte. “I feel rejected. Charles got what he wanted: he has the throne, he has his wife, he has everything. I don’t even want the truth about my mother.”

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