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Chainsaw Man: Where to watch, how to stream

Chainsaw Man is one of the biggest anime series of the season. It’s barely launched and fans are already buzzing with its seemingly limitless potential. Whether you’re in it for the action, the character drama, or the exciting-but-weird demon designs, this seems like a series that should appeal to everyone.

As with most anime series, you will need to watch Chainsaw Man on a specific streaming service. There’s a huge variety of streaming platforms out there, and before you start browsing through your personal selection, you’ll probably want to know which service you actually need – cutting back might be a good idea, after all.

Be sure to check out our overview of how to stream Chainsaw Man, when to expect new episodes and a bunch of other info below before you jump into the world of this exciting upcoming shonen series. It’s going to dominate discussion of the anime series this fall, so it’s a good idea to go downstairs.

Here’s everything you need to know about streaming Chainsaw Manwhere to stream it and more.

There are no special requirements or special add-ons for streaming platforms to watch Chainsaw Man. All you need is one of two main services:

Both services are streaming Chainsaw Man this season, although it is only available with Japanese audio and English subtitles at this time. There is a voiceover coming, but there is no release date set for when we can expect to hear from protagonist Denji and the rest of the crew and their English voice actors just yet.

The first episode of Chainsaw Man premieres Oct. 11 at noon ET. Crunchyroll said it will release each episode as it airs in Japan. This means you can expect to see additional drops at noon ET on Tuesdays in the future, unless a new schedule is announced on the horizon with potential dub episodes. As it stands, the anime is currently only available to watch with subtitles.

We are considering a short season for the premiere Chainsaw Man episode drop. There will be 12 episodes this season with weekly releases through December. Once that run is over, we could be looking at a second season, but there’s no guarantee yet.

There are 12 volumes of the manga, so there’s plenty of content the anime adaptation can draw from. That means there’s no shortage of material to develop, but whether the entire manga will be converted to anime remains to be seen. There’s no reason to believe that won’t be the case just yet, since it’s such a popular title, but we can’t make any assumptions just yet. Once the release date is confirmed, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Chainsaw Man is available to stream now. New episodes will air every Tuesday on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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