Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Catherine Zeta-Jones shares private insights

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has a fitting post online for Thanksgiving. She has published a series of souvenir photos of her children.

They have a lot of work, so they’re not in “turkey mode,” writes Catherine Zeta-Jones

Instagram. Instead, she takes a trip back in time for Thanksgiving to reminisce on the best moments of her holidays with her family: husband and fellow actor Michael Douglas and their two sons Dylan and Carys. Your followers can participate too.

Zeta-Jones publishes a photo on her Instagram profile that portrays her with her three loved ones in front of a house covered in trees. The four embrace and pose for the camera. Another image shows brothers Dylan and Carys standing fervently in the bright blue sea.

“Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans near and far. With busy work this year, we’re not in turkey mode but gratitude mode for the blessings of health, happiness, and family. Love to you all,” writes the 53 years old. The 78-year-old husband shared the family snap on her Instagram Story.

Zeta-Jones made another post. In it, he shares some family memories of past Thanksgiving celebrations in a video clip. “Turkey days”, writes the actress. You can see Carys and Dylan, for example, still very young, standing at the window and admiring a great fashion show from the balcony. She shows a much smaller one and other pictures show, for example, the freshly baked roast turkey.

Today Carys Zeta is 19 years old and Dylan Michael 22 years old. Zeta-Jones and Douglas have been married since November 2000. Both Hollywood stars celebrate birthdays on September 25th. of her is exactly 25 years older than her to day.

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