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Carrie Bradshaw Podcast Producer returns to And Just Like That… for Season 2

Ivan Hernandez will reprise his role in And just like that… for season 2. After all, he was spotted filming with Sarah Jessica Parker. If season 1 of And just like that… wrapped up, Hernandez’s character, Franklyn, looked like he could be Carrie Bradshaw’s next love. However, there’s always a chance he’ll be slowed down by a recurring love interest.

Season 1 of And just like that… revolved around Carrie Bradshaw’s grieving journey after Mr. Big died suddenly of a heart attack. Despite the severity of Carrie’s grief, fans realized something was wrong with Carrie’s podcast producer, Franklyn. As it turned out, they were right.

In the final moments of the first season of the HBO Max reboot, Carrie and Franklyn were kissing as the elevator doors closed. Fans may have to wait a while to find out what will become of the surprise romance, but based on recent production photos, there will be a romance. Ivan Hernandez, the actor portraying Franklyn, was spotted on set this week.

Franklyn spent much of the first season of And just like that… behind a soundboard. In the final moments of the series, he kissed Carrie. In Season 2, it looks like Hernandez’s character will have a much more involved and active storyline. At the very least, fans will see him out with Carrie.

Photographers snapped action shots of Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast And just like that… since the start of production last week. In the latest photos, Parker was seen with Hernandez. In one shot, the on-screen duo, who may or may not be together, embraced. While no big romantic gestures have been spied on yet, fans remain hopeful it will happen. Franklyn seems a perfect match for Carrie, at least as of Season 1 And just like that… shown by him.

Before Parker filmed with Hernandez, she was spied on the streets of New York City with Kristin Davis. Davis, who famously portrays Charlotte York, looked as sassy and correct as ever, but something didn’t seem quite right. The two were missing an important member of their girl group. Cynthia Nixon, the actress who portrays Miranda Hobbes, was nowhere to be seen. Miranda’s storyline was left a bit open at the end of Season 1, but we’ve yet to see her character film for Season 2.

If Franklyn is vying for Carrie’s undivided affection, he might have competition. While Carrie didn’t feel her romance with Peter, a widow, in Season 1, she might be ready to start dating again. Granted, Peter probably won’t give Franklyn much competition. But Aidan Shaw could.

John Corbett, the actor who played two seasons of Aidan sex and the city, should reprise his role. While we don’t yet know if a revival of Carrie and Aidan’s romance is planned, we did learn that he was never 100% over Carrie the last time we saw the character. in the Sex and the city 2, Carrie and Aidan kiss in Abu Dhabi, causing some tension with Mr. Big. Corbett has been open about his feelings at the end. He once said the kiss was too tame. Maybe he’ll come back to fix things.

While we can speculate as to which storylines And just like that… Season 2 will contain it looks like we’ll wait a while to prove ourselves right or wrong. HBO Max has not yet announced a release date for the second season. Filming is already underway, so fans will likely have to wait until later in 2023 to reconnect with Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda.

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