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Carrie Bickmore’s partner Chris Walker praises her “courage” in leaving The Project

Carrie Bickmore’s partner Chris Walker has praised her bravery after announcing she was leaving the show on Tuesday.

Chris shared a photo on Instagram alongside Carrie and her son Oliver seated at The Project’s desk and included a lengthy caption.

“So this lady did something super brave tonight,” the producer began.

“Seeing @bickmorecarrie’s work ethic through our family’s perspective was fascinating. She was undoubtedly the captain of this show and always will be.

“But she’s also the captain of our little family and she lights up our lives even more than she lights up a studio,” he continued.

“What an incredible ride that was for you baby. We all love you and can’t wait for what’s next.

Lisa Wilkinson also shared a moving tribute to her co-star Carrie after the Gold Logie winner announced she was leaving The Project.

The beloved TV presenter fought back tears as she told viewers it was the hardest decision she’s had to make of her professional life on Tuesday.

In a sweet Instagram tribute, Lisa shared a photo of the couple riding bikes with a sweet caption describing their long friendship.

“Long before Carrie Bickmore and I were The Project collaborators, we were buddies working at different networks,” she explained.

“And I feel so fortunate to have shared the last five years at the project desk with you too, Carrie,” she continued.

She went on to explain that Carrie’s friendship and generosity ” meant the world.”

“Thank you too for your guidance and support from day one… and for always knowing just the right moment to reach out with a kind word,” she continued.

Lisa added she was “in awe” at how Carrie managed to juggle a 13-year career as “amazing mom”, “journalist” and “charity patron”.

“We mere mortals will never know how you pulled it all off with so much grace, good humor and all that glamour,” she added.

“I know what a big decision this was for you and we will all miss you terribly at the end of the year. I can’t wait to see what’s next in your extraordinary life, or share that next glass of wine – or five – with you!

“All my love and admiration, always,” she added.

The Project’s Tommy Little soon joined Lisa’s tribute on Instagram, calling Carrie “the best in the business.”

“The halo effect around Carrie is unprecedented,” he began alongside a hilarious throwback pic of the pair.

“She lifts everyone around her and makes everyone look good, something that has served me well for years.

She’s the heart and soul of this show, and barring any more surprise announcements this week, I’m thrilled to be able to ride those coattails a little longer with our radio show,” concluded Tommy.

Carrie’s “BFF” fifi box also shared moving words after her departure.

“So proud of this incredible woman and amazing friend, my BFF Carrie, who has sacrificed so much to beam into our lounges every night at The Project for the past 13 years,” she began.

“She’s incredible, sheer class, an absolute star and every night as I sat next to her on the desk I just watched in awe.

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